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  1. Thx I'm progressing but I've still problems with measuring line elements in a figure. Now I use an extra layer with elements that I can measure
  2. Hey experienced users, Is there a possibility to scale distances ? e.g. I want to draw a line of 5m on a A4 size document ? and while I'm asking: is it possible to have measuring lines on the drawing? e.g. for that line of 5m, drawed at scale 1/250 (20cm) but the measuring line would indicate 5m ? Thx Karel
  3. I'm slightly disappointed now :-( I can print the separate saved PDF-file with the bleed. But when I import and print the same PDF-file from Affinity Design the bleed is ELIMINATED !!! And for your info: When I double click on the file in Affinity Design it opens in a new window ... without bleed ! .... have I overlooked a setting ? "View / show bleed" is marked ... There is always a work around, but it is an imperfection that reduce the productivity. Of course you can argue that Publisher has all one need for such a job ... the commercial aspect ? Best regards, Karel
  4. Thx for your fast answer. Indeed, hopefully we get this option soon. But even when I'm not able to see it ... will the bleed be applied when printing ? > I will check it right now Anyway, Affinity products cover more than I need now. I'm a happy customer Regards, Karel
  5. Hey, To print my address cards I created a suited layout in designer. The bleed and cut marks are not visible when I place the individual cards, created in Designer, with bleed and cut marks and exported as PDF. Can someone explain me why this is happening and how to solve this issue ? (I don't have Publisher ;-) A lot of thanks ;-) Charly Avery C32015 Layout.afdesign Test met bleed.pdf
  6. ETA ? Do you mean that it is impossible to add arrow heads to lines ? ... i'm searching for this option to ... Rgds Karel
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