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  1. It seems on windows I can move object's origin freely. Ctrl makes a copy of an object and Shift locks axis to 0, 45 or 90 degrees.
  2. Thank you! I am trying it right now but I don't understand what is the function of the Ctrl button.
  3. I have a project, where I would like to make a alphabet with flowers. As every letter is different, I am using symbols to create the florals. Unfortunately I have created arboards after finishing my letters and now I have to center the group according to letter (which is not in the group center). I have also added a letter parts covering part of the letter, so it´s not possible to move florals separately from letter. Do you have an idea how can I align it on page properly? I have googled the answer, but I was not successful. I hope added screenshots will clarify better what I mean.
  4. I was thinking of Publisher, so @PaulEC responded on what I was thinking @Joachim_L Thank you for your attention Now how can I change the title of the topic?
  5. Hi! When I am writing some paragraph text, first letter in the line is always changed to majuscule. Where can I turn this automatic change off?
  6. I have a question regarding book. I think I´ve found a small mistake. In tutorial on page 167 the high pass filter is added, but this does not affect the Inpainting layer. The High pass should be independent above Inpainting and Pixel layer, where we drawn water. Am I right?
  7. It would be great, when Affinity Photo would work with 3d connection space mouse. At least zooming and changing the of a size of a pen. I'd like to use it with my old wacom tablet. Pen in one hand and simple zooming and navigating with 3d mouse would be perfect. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! That's exactly what I was searching for. Can't wait to try it.
  9. Hi! I've tried to make HDR with HDR stack. Unfortunatelly, photos were taken on crowded place and option of ghost removing did not made any change: heads of people going downstairs are still deformed. Is it possible to define somehow that this part of photo (where the moving person is) shoud be considered just from one photo of a stack?
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