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    Puck reacted to MEB in A little glitch with the Blur Brush Tool ...   
    I'm sure it will. Just give the dev team some more time.
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    Puck reacted to MEB in A little glitch with the Blur Brush Tool ...   
    This bug/report is still open. There wasn't time to fix it for this build. Hopefully in one of the upcoming versions....
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    Puck reacted to MEB in A little glitch with the Blur Brush Tool ...   
    Thanks for your report Puck. Issue logged to be looked at (metal issue). It also affects the Median Brush Tool.
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    Puck reacted to MEB in Denoising   
    Hi Puck,
    With this particular image the live filter does seem to provide stronger results than the destructive filter or the Noise Reduction tab in Develop Persona (which is what I believe the user was doing/using). Depending on the image there may be cases where the opposite is true due to the way the destructive filter works - according to the development, it estimates the noise level throughout the whole image and scales the intensity of the effect accordingly. The live filter doesn't do this due to the tiled nature of the rendering pipeline thus the results differ depending on the images. In any case I've (re)opened our report/log (there was already one dealing with this) and passed your and other's users feedback to the dev team for comments.
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    Puck got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Beta ( - RC1) isn't loading layers   
    You're welcome Andy Both of my problems have been fixed. Well done!
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    Puck got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Beta ( - RC1) isn't loading layers   
    Okay, see you on Monday :) Have a nice weekend!
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    Puck reacted to Chris B in Beta ( - RC1) isn't loading layers   
    Hi Puck,
    I'm not sure why this is happening for you but it is absolutely fine for me. Did you get chance to try any other documents?
    Can you explain what you mean when you say the blend modes aren't working? Does nothing happen or do they look unexpected? 
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    Puck got a reaction from Alfred in Denoising   
    The old Denoise filter can be used very well in APh 1.7.1. Fortunately I still have APh 1.5.2 on my computer. Simply copy/paste the filters and they work as desired. I'll add an APh document that contains the filter (only the old Denoise filter and additionally the old Clarity filter, nothing more). As I said, you can copy/paste the filters and use them. Works great for me.
    Have a nice weekend
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    Puck reacted to Chris B in Colour difference opening PSD file in Af Photo 1.7.1   
    Hey StefanSweden,
    I believe this is due to the group and there isn't anything we can really do about that. Unfortunately PSD import/export will never the exact between the two apps. 
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    Puck reacted to nwhit in v146 - Complaint! TOO FAST!   
    Just did a group of 100 RAW/NEF pics, processed, cropped, tone mapped and custom exported. I used to be able to get some coffee drinking done and checking email etc. during each stage! Now APh is TOO FAST! I'm not even getting my coffee consumption where it needs to be! 
    Thanks for getting this version working so much faster! 
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    Puck got a reaction from Chris B in Metal is slowly   
    I can confirm that. 
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    Puck got a reaction from mac_heibu in Resize Document - Customer Beta (   
    I think there is a glitch when using "Resize Document" (If Resample is NOT enabled, a resample will still be performed, but not always!!). It's worth taking a look. 
    Customer Beta (
    Regards, Puck
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    Puck reacted to Ash in Affinity Publisher to be launched at Affinity Live   
    Hi All,
    We're thrilled to announce that Affinity Publisher will be launched at Affinity Live on the 19th June - and it's also available to pre-order now with a 20% discount.
    We are going to live stream the event keynote at 6.15pm (BST) which will also include announcements on our future plans and perhaps a few surprises. For more info check out our spotlight article here. Would be great if you could join us...
    Here is a video of the event
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    Puck reacted to GabrielM in [By Design] Command-F / Search for whole sentences or parts of whole sentences   
    Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".
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    Puck got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0   
    Thanks a lot! I didn't know that
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    Puck reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0   
    To avoid pressure on their servers they tend to roll it out over 24 hours.
    ALSO In the Mac App Store go to the updates tab and press CMD+R (as this is basically a Safari window and may need refreshing) Mine turned up instantly  
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    Puck reacted to Chris B in Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - Gold Master Seed)   
    Correct! Also, anything you have created (assets, brushes etc.) in the beta that you wish to keep, will need exporting so you can load it into the 1.7 App Store version when released. I would probably recommend doing this sooner than later. 
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    Puck got a reaction from Chris B in Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - Gold Master Seed)   
    Congratulatons!! I'm really happy about the GM. Very well done, team!!
    Best regards, Puck
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    Puck reacted to thomaso in [By Design] Command-F / Search for whole sentences or parts of whole sentences   
    What do you exactly mean by "whole sentences"?
    Searching for more than 1 word and words + punctuation marks do work for me, for instance:
    "Description, Body text block with several lines and then –> back to style 1 (Year)."

    In case a search contains "invisible characters" like line or paragraph breaks a simple copy/paste into F&R does not work, instead you need to replace those manually in the search text field via the pulldown menu to its left to make them work.

    Also, a search may fail if it gets restricted by the filter list (< gear icon top right):

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    Puck reacted to Nana in Affinity Photo Selection Brush Tool produces much better results compared with On1 AI Quick Mask Tool   
    I would like to really thank Andy S and his team.  I had to perform a background replacement for a photo of somone.  I firstly tried the newly release ON1 Photo  Raw 2019.5 ( and used the AI Quick Mask tool.  My main reason for trying the AI Quick Mask tool was really out of curiousity to see what the result would be with an AI-backed workflow. 
    I didn't like the resultant mask so I decide to try the old faithful Affinity Photo beta  I was pleasantly surprise of the end result.  Affinity Photo's selection tools provided much better accurate and pleasing result.  There were a few annoyances in the "Refine Selection" pop-up window missing and up and down arrow to precisely tweak the settings but aside that, it's was a breeze.
    Unfortunately, I can't share the resultant work due to privacy.
    Good work Andy S and team.  Affinity Photo is shaping up to be my go-to faithful.
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    Puck reacted to anon2 in Luminosity Mask: AfPhoto 1.7 Beta ?   
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    Puck reacted to Hiro2001 in Sharpening Using LAB16   
    The way I like to sharpen is to convert the format to LAB16.
    Create an Unsharp mask, do the sharpening and then revert back to RGB format.
    I have done the same task in AP v1.6.7 and Beta using the same file.
    I don't get the same results in Beta as v1.6.7 and much prefer the results from v1.6.7.
    I don't think it is working correctly.
    Also, I prefer the full text menu on v1.6.7 for Live Filters and Adjustments when selecting them in the Layers menu, rather than
    the High Pass... text seen in Beta.
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    Puck reacted to srg in Not good color rendering in PSD   
    here are the original .PHOTO and the PSD. 
    Two further questions:
    which are the best configurations to save in PSD
    Do you still have in program to give a TIFF option that is like in V 1.6? I hope because non of the TIFF on v 1.7 can be opened in EPSON print layout which I use regularly...

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    Puck got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in [By Design] Blend Mode Bug in Live Filters?   
    I can confirm this behavior / Beta 118
    And look what happen when "Preserve Alpha" is enabled.
    Ohne Titel.mov
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    Puck reacted to cereb in [Fixed] Metal still not working properly APh Beta 116 ...   
    I just made a similar observation on my system, see attached screenshots and original file.
    Affinity Photo Beta