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  1. Puck

    Some of my freelance work... :)

    I like it especially the kitchen and the bathroom.
  2. Puck

    Mysłowice B&W (new photos)

    I like your pics. I prefer black and white also.
  3. Puck

    1966 Batmobile (AD)

    @Orville So true
  4. Puck

    Going mad with Style(s)

    Thank you for sharing
  5. @kevinmcsherry Thank you, that is very kind of you :-)
  6. Hey guys, back in 2011 I took some pictures (1) and combined them into an artwork (2). I had to use PS (I think it was CS5 if I remember correctly). The whole thing is related to the fairy tale ›Der Froschkönig‹ written by the Brother’s Grimm. Well, a few days ago I picked the same pictures (1) and created a ›Remake‹ just for fun. This time I used AffinityPhoto 1.5.2. and made the artwork completely new. Instead of the perfume bottle I decided to add the boat, the paddle and water lilies. (3) The result is (4). The file is up to 300 MB and runs smoothly on my 6 year old iMac.
  7. Puck

    Vintage Vespa Poster

    All expressed in 4 colors. Excellent. I like this 50s style.
  8. Thanks Bodo Edit: btw of course the frog has to be bigger than normal, he is king :-) (Maybe I should add a crown, hmm ...)
  9. Puck


    Hallo Bodo, wirklich schön! If I could do something like this I would draw my own comic
  10. Puck

    [AD] French maid

    Well done
  11. Puck

    Luna 2 (variations)

    As Stuart said Wirklich gut.
  12. Puck

    WU - my new job UI design

    My pleasure :-)
  13. Puck

    WU - my new job UI design

    Hi :-) I am impressed. I've never done something like this :-) Looks really good.
  14. Puck

    AP - Color Grading Macros (free)

    Wow! Thanks for sharing, Egor. Well done!
  15. Puck

    Book design and illustrated with Affinity

    The adventures of a cute little frog and his friends? I like it :-)
  16. Puck

    George Meets Mr Placodus

    same here :-)
  17. @nikoskfa This statement is a bit exaggerated, isn't it. I have no problems at all with AP. Everything runs fine (1.5.2) with Raw files on iMac, El Capitan and Macbook Air, Sierra. 10 pictures in 1 minute = 1 picture in 6 seconds. What’s wrong with that?
  18. You're doing really good stuff, Bodo I like it.
  19. Puck

    A snail bot for a game

    That's amazing. I really like it
  20. Puck

    Some paintings of mine

    Very impressive!
  21. Puck

    Introduce Yourself

    I am a 59 year old guy from Germany and new to this forum but not new to Affinity Photo. I also use AD … sometimes – I’m more into photo. I started working with AP in July 2015 after nearly 23 years working with A***e-Software. It was a good choice to change, wasn’t it. Puck
  22. Puck

    [AP] Colorization

    It's worth it!!