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  1. I see your problem, Illusie, and of course earlier functions should remain in the program, that's for sure! I think the developers still have a lot to do! But they can handle it, I'm sure. In the meantime I continue working with version 1.5.2 or 1.6.7 Cheers Puck
  2. Hi illusie, as a workaround, you can use the NIK filters as standalone applications, I suppose. That's how I do it from the beginning. But I don't like plug-ins anyway, so I'm biased. Cheers, Puck
  3. Hi there, as it turns out - at least in my case - this only happens when the metal compute acceleration is activated. If this is turned off, I have the same view as in 1.6.7 (no matter if 1.6.7 has Metal enabled or not) Cheers, Puck (iMac 2017, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB, MacOS 10.14.2)
  4. Hi Walt, I wanted to say that I can understand that - if you rewrite a program - something like this can happen. It shouldn't, but it is. Unfortunately.
  5. Hi Chris, the reasons why the files look a little different are clear to me. I just wanted to point out that if you open older files with 1.7.0.xxx, you should take a close look to see if anything has changed. As a hint for other users. Cheers
  6. Hi Chris, the jpg was made from the afphoto file. No extra sharpening. Give me a link to upload the .afphoto file and I'll do it.
  7. Puck

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi, in this case I used MacOS 10.13.4 High Sierra.
  8. Puck

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Auto-update dosen't work! ( - It crashes the program before installation! Best regards Puck
  9. Great idea, Wafer !!
  10. Hi there, Filter / Live-Filter "Clarity" does not work properly. Also the values are now displayed in % and not in px. Best regards Puck iMac mid 2010, High Sierra
  11. Thanks a lot, James
  12. Hi there, the latest beta version crashes when you copy multiple Live filter layers from one file to another via the clipboard. iMac mid 2010, High Sierra Best regards Puck
  13. Hi Chris, I like to copy filters and layers at the same time. The problem seems to be fixed in build 100. Best regards
  14. I wonder why a working filter was "rewritten". The old filter was perfect. The new one seems to be the same as in the Develop Persona (of course it's not a live filter there).
  15. Hi Polygonius, the old one looks a lot better imho! Best regards Puck
  16. Thanks for your quick response, Chris. But the "new" filter has almost no effect. Not even at 100%.
  17. iMac mid 2010, High Sierra But only for a certain view size (command 0) Best regards Puck
  18. Hi Lee, I can upload the file via PM if that helps, but it seems to be fixed in beta Best regards Puck
  19. Puck

    Crashing AP 1.6.6 / 1.6.7

    Hi there, the problem seems to be solved in Version beta But it takes quite a long time for the program to close after Command Q. Best regards Puck
  20. Hi, I am a really big fan of AP and have been working with the software for almost three years, but unfortunately AP 1.6.6 and AP 1.6.7 are crashing on a regularly basis after editing or when closing. iMac Mid 2010, Mac OS High Sierra, 8 GB RAM. No additional software loaded, no plug-ins or similar nonsense. I didn't had the problem with previous versions. There are also display errors (see pic). !! Please do not add any new features to the next update, but a stability update would be great. Thanks you. !!
  21. AP 1.6.7 -- Batch processing does not work correctly: Every time I write jpegs from .afphoto files, it creates an unwanted border. See screen shot. Mac OS High Sierra, iMac mid 2010, 8GB ram Any ideas? This dosen't happen in AP 1.5.2 Thank you Puck
  22. Hi there, the problem seems to be solved in Version beta Best regards Puck
  23. Puck

    Find and Replace #133

    Hello Chris, thanks for your feedback. That's what a beta test is for I'm really glad that I could help. Puck
  24. Hi there, In long documents with a lot of text: »Find and Replace« seems to be ok, but »Find and Replace ALL« takes too long | iMac mid 2010 Mac OS 10.13.4 Best regards Puck