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  1. It is, indeed. Works fine with Metal off Regards, Puck
  2. Very good objection and reply! Regards, Puck
  3. Puck

    Blending Mode: Better Organization?

    Hi, It's a pretty good idea! Regards, Puck
  4. Puck

    why two rasterize titles?

    Look here The german text says: Rasterize (first one) is destructive, it simultaneously cuts the layer to canvas size if necessary. It "crops" the layer if you like! Rasterize (second one) converts an image, text, shape.... or a group.... into a PIXEL layer WITHOUT cutting it to size. Simply test both with objects that are scaled BIGGER than the desktop. The best way is to zoom in small so that the blue selection border is visible. The last one converts a mask from the current layer - just try it with a text or a shape.... Regards, Puck BTW: "Rasterise to Mask" dosen't work for me
  5. I agree 100%. Regards, Puck
  6. I'm with you! I'd also like to have both versions of this filter available. I also like to use the previous filter with this smooth way of blurring. No other filter achieves this. Regards, Puck
  7. Hi there, I can't see the difference between the two methods (see screenshots). In addition, the three points behind the menu entry usually mean that you can still adjust something (Mac), this is not the case here. -- And what is "Rasterise To Mask" for? Regards, Puck PS. In general I'm very satisfied with the new Affinity Photo!
  8. Hallo Polygonius, das war mir bereits bekannt Aber vielen Dank für deine Erklärungen bezüglich Raster und Rasterise ... das wusste ich in der Tat nicht. Ich werde alles mal ausprobieren Grüße, Puck
  9. Hi, It might be of interest that this also happens to me in Affinity Photo 1.6.7. Regards, Puck
  10. I've tried it this way, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Regards, Puck
  11. In general Beta 221 runs really well. I am very satisfied Regards, Puck
  12. Again, thanks so much! That helped me a lot Cheers, Puck
  13. Whoa! Quite a hidden feature Thanks so much! Cheers, Puck
  14. Thank you very much, it works! If I had thought about it, I might have found it myself! Sometimes I am unfortunately impatient. Cheers, Puck PS. Couldn't find "(with the new option Edit Detached)"
  15. Hi folks, the automatic page number begins usually with 1. How can I start the automatic page number with e.g. 5 for book production? Thanks for help Cheers, Puck
  16. Puck

    Using Assets

    Hi Meb, thank you very much :D Cheers Puck
  17. Puck

    Using Assets

    Hi, Chris, thank you very much for the info. Cheers Puck
  18. Puck

    Using Assets

    Wow, that was a very quick response! Heartfelt thanks Chris. Cheers :D
  19. Puck

    Using Assets

    Trying out "Assets" iOS12 in Publisher beta 206 leads to the message "missing fonts".
  20. Hi Chris, thank you very much for the quick answer and your work. I appreciate that very much. I know that some of my files are quite unconventional, and I can live with the different views, I just wanted to point out if the developers can change anything. If not, it's ok. I'll try "Nearest Neighbor" just to see what happens. Cheers Puck PS: I have no comparison to Photoshop, because I have banned any Adobe software from my computers.
  21. Hello, there is quite a difference in the "Zoom to fit" view for .afphoto files and .jpg files (see screenshots) The jpg file looks sharper.
  22. Hi Chris, maybe it's the way I combine Live Filters with each other? Cheers Puck