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  1. jon515

    IPad bugs

    Are there any updates?
  2. jon515

    IPad bugs

    Is there any update on when the bugs for the new iPad will be resolved? They are making so the software is completely useless for me and Iit isn't soon I'm going to have to go back to Adobe CC and that will definitely make for an unhappy former customer. First photo is when I'm selecting my setting in unsharp mask, looks good, second is when it is applied. Please get this fixed!
  3. jon515

    2018 IPad Pro Gen 3

    Is there a estimate on when it will be resolved?
  4. I was using Afinity tonight to mess with some images. Tools I use a lot like haze removal caused some strange color effects, also unsharp mask didn't sharpen and when saved showed up as one of the blur options. I never had any issues with my Gen 2. Any suggestions?
  5. jon515

    RAW Files Import

    I purchased a RavPower USB/SD hub to transfer pictures from the SD card to my IPad Pro. I can get the photos there through a file browser app and import them into affinity photo, however when I try an open the photo and click on the circle because it is a raw image the app crashes. Any suggestions?
  6. jon515


    I added quite a few photos via drag and drop yesterday, when I edit them and try and export or save the app crashes and looses any changes I made. Any suggestions? Also with drag and drop is it possible to drag and drop into specific projects? When I try that the app also crashes. Thanks, Jon
  7. I added quite a few new old photos to my ipad Affinity Photo App for editing, every time I edit an image and try and export it to my camera role the app crashes, any suggestions?
  8. jon515

    Photo Import

    I got it to work, now another question. When I drag and drop I can only drop in the general area, not in specific projects/folders. Is there a way I can do that?
  9. jon515

    Photo Import

    When I try that method either I can't add multiple photos, it just opens the second one I tap on or when it does work and I open Affinity by swiping up the application crashes and doesn't import anything. Is this a bug related to the update? (I'm running most current version of IOS 11)
  10. Are there any solutions yet on how to import multiple images into Affinity for IPads yet? Importing one at a time takes forever. Thank you, Jon
  11. Good evening, I have Affinity photo for my iPad Pro, I was wondering what the benefit would be for the Affinity Photo app for my MacBook Air?
  12. Good evening, I'm using Affinity Photo on a iPad Pro and I'm just wondering if there is a way to import multiple photos to edit and process instead of adding them one at a time? Thanks, Jon