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  1. Yes, me too. In fact none of the keyboard shortcuts seem to work for me (IPad Pro), though they do work in other apps (eg Safari).
  2. Thanks for response. Can anyone tell me where I can actually get Beta for IPad 1.8.4 , as opposed just the forum?
  3. Yes, I also have a crash. I have reset my ipad, (Ipad Pro), cleared the memory etc. Reassuring to know that others also have this issue - let us hope an update will resolve it. Not sure how to get Beta 1.84 or if it wise. Anyone know when the next update will be issued?
  4. The trouble is that despite much publicity, and long consultations with Apple (the specialist on Apple Creative staff had not heard of Affinity), it seems impossible to download raw files to the iPad. This seems a serious limitation, though it is still, of course possible to use Affinity including its Develop persona, but obviously not to its full potential.
  5. I have only just discovered this; it is an amazing piece of work. Many thanks - so useful.
  6. Absolutely delighted with Photo for iPad Pro. In fact, this was one of the reasons I purchased the iPad Pro (10.5"). Learning fast, and awestruck by the implementation for iPad, and all the gestures etc. The program is so versatile, and for me, potentially able to replace both DxO Pro, and Photoshop (elements) on the pc. I agree with a previous post that it would be good if I could load multiple files for processing, or even retain for further use (e.g. In a collage) photos already processed, but not saved.
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