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  1. Thank you Walt, that's brilliant!
  2. It shows a list of all characters but I can't see a way to make hidden characters (eg tabs) appear within a block of text.
  3. Thanks for the thought but I don't have Publisher and have no plans to acquire it. I've been using QuarkXPress since version 1 and will be staying with it for the foreseeable future. It's Adobe's ransomware I want to avoid.
  4. I'm astonished, and not a little disappointed, that there is no way to show hidden/invisible characters in Designer. I particularly need to see tab characters so I can work out why text is not lining up. This is the first real task I've done having moved from Illustrator, and Designer has fallen at the first hurdle. This is a basic function within text editing. Please add as soon as possible. Meanwhile I'll go back to Illustrator.

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