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  1. Interestingly I can upload the HEIC from photos to iCloud and import the image in Affinity Photo from there. Don't know what's the difference because the file is still in HEIC format on iCloud. BTW: When I download the image to my Mac I'm am also not able to open it there. It's a new format and I think we have to wait what apple plans to do with it exactly. When I send someone a HEIC image and he is not able to open it the new format makes litte sense. I think at the and apple has to convert the image to JPEG before download/send ...
  2. I am working with ios11 beta. So it would be nice to support the new image type HEIC to import those images from photo app.
  3. Thanks for this explanation. I hoped that it is possible to import more then one file for RAW development ... Anyway. This is a great software. Just missing support for typical workflows for working on photo projects like - import a bulk of images - add ratings - filter by ratings - edit top rated images - export all top rated images Currently affinity photos is brilliant for editing just one image.
  4. Can you describe how multi selection works? Im am not able to select more then one file.
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