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  1. Hello @MEB, Work around : Steps to reproduce the behavior: 1/- Launch the APhoto 2/- Display Studio/Infos then select transform 3/- Open a file, in View Tool/Units select mm or cm 4/- Use Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a rectangular form, all dimensions are in px (issue) 5/- Click on Info tab, ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN mm, yoooouuuuppppiiiii. And the dimensions W/H are still there not lost as described in previous post.
  2. Hello @MEB, I'm back. So sorry to reply you too late. I have other fish to fry !!! So, the issue is still there. I downloaded the last Beta version ( Neither in FR nor in US language the issue is the same. In Info, i got the coordinates and dimensions in mm. But while released the cursor dimensions W/H are lost. But in TRANSFORM what everor dimensions still in px. the coordinates
  3. Hello @MEB, I'm back. I clicked onto the link you saw in your last post, that is for Designer! My issue is on the Photo. So I can't say my problem is fixed or not!
  4. To be completed about my issue on APh for computer version 1.6.11 with Macbook Pro 2009, MacOs EL CAPITAN. Steps to reproduce the behavior : 1- Launch APh, open a file 2- use hand, and change units to mm, transdorm and info, X,Y and W,H are change to mm, GREAT!!! 3- click on Rectangular marquee tool, either in Transform or Info, displayed in px again, 4- neither language in EN nor in FR, GOT SAME ISSUE!
  5. Hi MEB, Will do it immediately while back home! Not have my macbook with me! Will keep you in touch once downloaded the customer Beta, And thanks a lot for replying me for my issue! Have a good weekend to you all!
  6. Hey toltec, you work AP on MacOs or windows ? Mine is an old Macbook pro in mid-mars 2009, with MacOs 10.11El Capitan. Did you think that due to my old version of OS?
  7. Thank you @toltec for the information, but it fixed a half of issue. Coordinate X,Y got in mm but W,H still in px. Some ideas about it?AP mine I set it in FR. So read L --> W;
  8. Hi All, I'm newbie in Affinity Photo. I would like to have coordinate XY in transform tab in mm instead of px. Thank you for your help
  9. Bichnm

    Panorama Crash (split)

    Hello @Chris B, I sent all my 5 Raw's files into your DropBox, via your link that you gave (for Geodstewart) in the post of July 6th above. Name started with BNM_xxxx.nef . If you don't receive those files yet, please feel free to let me know!
  10. Bichnm

    Panorama Crash (split)

    Hello @alinajetly, your version iOS 11, is-it a beta version ? Mine version is only 10.3.2?!?
  11. Bichnm

    Panorama Crash (split)

    Hello everyone, A/- Issue from creating panorama with A.P. For iPad, version 1.6.3-FR : Still have issue with creating panorama file with RAW files this time. Steps to reproduce the behavior : 1/- Import RAW files in Photos' film. 2/- Launch the A.P. 3/- Select New panorama 4/- Select those photos with camera button, using multiple selection ! While those one is loaded onto area column, those files had jpg extensions ! Is-it normal??? 5/- Click on Stitch, nothing is happened ! P.s.: with or without individual selected, got same result! Or issue from my own iPad Pro ?!? B/- SUGGESTION : Could it be possible to have a new option to import directly photos from SD card???
  12. Bichnm

    Panorama Crash (split)

    @MEB : how can I make link to iCloud with my iPad, to share with you those three photos! Because I am not at home, just my iPad Pro!
  13. Bichnm

    Panorama Crash (split)

    @donka : Either added separately or added group of photos--> same result! @MEB : I tried different cases, one of them work! Example: three photos: "start", "middle" and "end". Neither testing added separately nor selected three at a time, in order --> not work! But while added "start, end and middle" photos (one by one or selected all) -->. Youpiiiiii, it works!!! Will know why????!!!!???? Thanks so much for spending your time to reply to me !
  14. Bichnm

    Panorama Crash (split)

    It works only "half way"! As the topic above, I have 3 photos to make Panorama! Once the three are added, while clicking on the Stitches Panorama, it just stitched two of them!!! Please help!!!