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  1. Great! I wasn't aware of the roadmap. I cannot wait! So excited to be able to dump Adobe. Only need a Dreamweaver substitute now. Nothing on the horizon there.
  2. Nothing I have found in Affinity Photo works like the magnetic lasso tool for what I want. The Affinity tools work ok for simpler selections with plain backgrounds, but trying to cut a cyclist out of a pack and take the background and other riders out from between the spokes and parts of the frame would take hours with the Affinity Photo tools, and still give a very ragged result - and be very painful to do!! Photoshops magnetic lasso tool lets you click close together when the background contrast is poor, or hit the option key to use a straight line for a section (cut out bike spokes!!), but in good areas it just grabs the contrast edge and you can move at a fast pace. Most importantly it is very straight forward and simple to use, and excellent at what it does. This is the one thing that I cannot do without, and even though Affinity Photo is getting really good in other areas, I keep having to go back to Photoshop, so I end up doing everything there while I have it open.

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