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  1. A bit off topic @paolo.limoncelli , but I got these for Procreate and wonder if you can batch install (instead of doing them one by one)/
  2. Fantastic resource! Regarding the licence, may you use the textures as part of your illustrations that you flatten into pngs/jpegs and sell?
  3. Super helpful! Thank you @paolo.limoncelli !! I just got your Procreate set too! Adore your brushes and textures!
  4. Thank you @Frank Jonen !
  5. Oh, and has anyone got any suggestions for how to use the papers? What kind of mode to use for best results? Loving this. Just bought and playing around!
  6. Hi, How do you make sure you are operating in 16- or 32-bit mode in Affinity Designer? /Kate
  7. Hi Lee! Sorry, I just saw your response now! For some reason I only get one slice?
  8. Hi, Is there a way to save multiple artboards as separate images? Cheers, Kate
  9. Kate England

    The Box Set by Wren

    Lovely! I forgot to enter the promo code though! :D Playing with the brushes now! Schedule
  10. Kate England

    Creating Outlines?

    Okies, thanks! :)
  11. Kate England

    Creating Outlines?

    Is there a way to vectorise bitmaps in Affinity Designer?
  12. Kate England

    Creating Outlines?

    I see! thanks so much! :) Schedule
  13. Kate England

    Creating Outlines?

    No, I'm not able to Expand the Stroke of the two Daub sets.
  14. Kate England

    Creating Outlines?

    That's a handy list, PixelPest! Thanks! :) I'm using DAUB Vector Set Vol 1-2, I thought they were created for Affinity Designer?