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  1. Kate England

    Grid Snapping Misaligned

    I was using my iPad while travelling, working on client work. Unfortunately I couldn't get the snapping to work. Back home now and snapping works perfectly on my Mac. Could this be an iPad bug?
  2. Kate England

    Grid Snapping Misaligned

    It’s an iPad Pro, iOS 12.2.
  3. Kate England

    Grid Snapping Misaligned

    Yes, that’s how I’ve got it set. Unfortunately snapping is still not working at all. Could it be a bug?
  4. Kate England

    Grid Snapping Misaligned

    Yes, in the settings via document icon it is set to snap to grid.
  5. Kate England

    Grid Snapping Misaligned

    Yes, via the magnet icon at the bottom left.
  6. Kate England

    Isometric Studio?

    Gorgeous work @iamscotty ! I’m trilled about the iso studio, what a game changer! A thought, what if @iamscotty could write a tutorial on isometric art? With the new studio? On the Spotlight site? I was also thinking that a pack of isometric objects could be a way to celebrate the release? Very exciting!
  7. I’m using the isometric grid. Unfortunately the snapping doesn’t snap to it. Could there be something I’m missing in the settings?
  8. A bit off topic @paolo.limoncelli , but I got these for Procreate and wonder if you can batch install (instead of doing them one by one)/
  9. Fantastic resource! Regarding the licence, may you use the textures as part of your illustrations that you flatten into pngs/jpegs and sell?
  10. Super helpful! Thank you @paolo.limoncelli !! I just got your Procreate set too! Adore your brushes and textures!
  11. Thank you @Frank Jonen !
  12. Oh, and has anyone got any suggestions for how to use the papers? What kind of mode to use for best results? Loving this. Just bought and playing around!
  13. Hi, How do you make sure you are operating in 16- or 32-bit mode in Affinity Designer? /Kate
  14. Hi Lee! Sorry, I just saw your response now! For some reason I only get one slice?