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  1. guibleme

    UI/UX Prototyping and Animations

    If I'm not wrong, they showed a picture of a prototype persona they have internally. Somehow, it looked like a well polished thing and it made me buy affinity designer. Since then I'm patiently waiting for it.
  2. Helllo, guys. I'm new to the fórum and I'm using Affinity Designer since the beta for Windows. Since the beta I'm having trouble handling new fonts. Seriously, from update to update the fonts just don't work. I have to unninstall everything, losing my color palletes because we don't have na export tool. Today I've got very frustrated by wanting to use a very especific font from Google Fonts and I can't. I can't use Lato. I can't seem to find the reason why this is happening. Sometimes unninstalling Works, sometimes not. I've searched for this problem in other places, didn't find much. Nobody seems to be with this issue, but me. Do you guys have any idea why this is happening? I already tried launching the app with administrator rights, as well. No good.

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