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  1. My AD version was 1.5.5 or something similar. But I have managed to update now. The new version is 1.6.0 and I suppose it is the latest. Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Here are the screenshots. I can only open AD not update.
  3. Hello. I recently saved file in AP 1.6.6 version and now I can't open it in AD 1.5.5 version. My Designer says "The file includes features from later version of Affinity. In my App Store there is no such thing as update Affinity Designer. What to do?
  4. Thank you for your critique. It is good and very needed. The iceberg is indeed a photo. It is from unsplash.com https://unsplash.com/photos/XeY4y17Q4fc As both of you said the dragon needed to come brighter. I added more colors and depth to the object. I also created sky and pushed back the ship so it would not take so much interest. Also I fixed the faces of the men. The composition is made under Fibonacci spiral. Please see the latest work and also the fibonacci overlay. I have not painted for a long time and this was my return to painting. Didn't think of the light source at all as I was struggling with many other things Next time I will take light source into consideration. If I may say that you don't need to add this at the end of your critique. If an artist is asking a critique he/she should be ready to take it. And the one who gives the critique should be giving a honest message. It doesn't matter are you an artist or not. This painting I made is for all eyes to see and everyone might have something to say about it which most likely is also a true opinion. I value your words. Please don't say you are wrong about everything. You were as right as one can possible be. Have a nice weekend.
  5. I'm asking for critique: This work is a cover for a research plan document. The painting should represend arctic, China and also illustrate how the art is going to be present in the research. Translating the headline: Great nation Great change How environment is used and build in the world after the rise of China
  6. Thank you! Activating the Flow Jitter to tilt or angle lets me "rotate" the brush tip. But the cursor indicator stays always straight. Is there a way to make the cursor dynamic to actually see which angle the brush tip is?
  7. Hello, I'm using DUAB Concept Tools PRO brushes that should have rotation jitter according to my Wacom stylus rotation angle. BUT I don't see this in action. The brush tip stays in only one angle. Do I have to activate rotation jitter from somewhere? Wacom diagnostics shows that the pen tilt is recognised. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I quite often find myself resterising multiple layers to save in file size and memory. Is there a way to select multiple layers and resterise them with single click?
  9. Hello, Affinity Designer has a Character tab where you can set options for Font characters. The language settings is always set on fi-EN. Please tell me that there is a option to set it to default Finnish language?
  10. Hello, Is it possible to have multiple lined text on a single or multiple lines? Just like here explained in Illustrator http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/11019/illustrator-cs5-multiline-text-along-a-path Thanks!
  11. Hey, The document that I'm exporting as a PDF is printing it off canvas like the attached img. What can cause this?
  12. Hello, Is there a way to change the color of the indicator that shows a misspelled word?
  13. Great, thanks! Here is the file. Try selecting those three red boxes while select-dragging over the locked background. error sample.afdesign
  14. Sure thing but how do I attach something to this forum?
  15. Hey, When I want to change the background color of my document canvas I make a vector square sized of the background, choose a color and set it to be locked. I don't like that after this it is not possible to select other objects on that locked background by dragging selecting. It just selects the background. If I start my drag outside the canvas then I can select the object. Is there a way to completely put a locked object locked? So that it will not be selected. Thanks!