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  1. Thanks for the prompt and informative reply, gdenby. I experimented a bit and created/saved one but it leaves a bit to be desired in that lengthening and shortening it distorts it. Mine, cumbersome as it is, is preferable. Now, I need to experiment with your suggestion, "On a Mac, you can also insert arrow symbols from the character map utility, and convert those to vectors for further manipulation." I found them. ➛ I frequently use other symbols from the utility but have never looked at the arrows.
  2. I'm new to Affinity Designer—a few hours—so please forgive a newbie dumb question. Is this instruction intended for iMac/mouse users? I'm not making any marks in the "Pressure" grid. I drew an arrow and saved it in a file so I can copy and paste it where needed, but it's not very elegant and manipulating it takes time. I'm surprised that arrows aren't included as part of the "Line" choices. If a trial use had been offered I wouldn't have purchased it after the trial period.

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