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  1. (As a work around, On my files/projects I've started adding a layer and listing out: The document print measurements and MB size, the multiple Font File names I've used, the picture file names and any elements I may have included by file name or location.) Would it be possible to have Affinity Photo and Designer create an accessible archive of the design elements and information on it's own as a view-able, printable page / saved & updated along with the file/project being worked on? ( If I convert anything to curves or such, this information is no longer provided or accessible) Since I have a vast number of photos and hundreds of fonts, if I want to go back into the file/project at a later time and add something...I know I can look on my "work around" layer and find the information instead of searching for hours and hours trying to identify the correct font or picture location. It would make more sense and be faster of the software did it for me. ....Just a request on archiving design element and information components with the file/project. Thank You! Rob Evans
  2. Goodday Everyone, I didn't see the Nikkor AF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED listed in the lens correction document. Can you tell me if this has been included in Affinity Photo yet? Thank You!