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  1. Ha! I have the answer... It's that old 'switch-it-off-and-switch-it-on-again' routine. Sorted. Thanks for your trouble.
  2. Thanks for replying, RC-R. Sorry if the brevity in my post led to confusion. I'm using Photos 1.5 I am following each stage of MEB's description accurately (I believe!) and I'm attempting to do all the things you mention in your last paragraph except that I get the error message I mention, so I'm none the wiser I'm afraid.
  3. These instructions are very clear but unfortunately... After doing the go to menu File ▸ Close or close the document tab - Affinity will prompt you to Save the document. Select Save. Now close the document again in Affinity (menu File ▸ Close). bit, all I get is the message in the attachment, to the effect that the save failed because the file was already open in another application. I tried closing the picture on Photos and then even closing Photos itself but that made no difference. Any ideas? save2.tiff
  4. Hi I'm relatively inexperienced in the finer details of photo-editing but have been getting the hang of using the 'photo' persona and have become fairly comfortable with a range of steps. On the understanding that the result would give me higher quality images, I have recently started taking all my photos in RAW format which of course takes me to the 'develop' persona. There, as you all know, one can make the same kinds of adjustments as one can when using layers in 'photo'. So, my question is, how does one decide where to make the adjustments, or which persona to use for which adjustments? Should I try and do everything that I can before hitting 'develop'? Are there any rules of thumb? And a related question to this is: why are there differences in procedure between 'Develop' and 'Photo' personas for achieving apparently the same ends? I'm thinking particularly of levels adjustments. I'd be grateful for opinions and even some guidance! many thanks
  5. D'oh! I've got it now. I hadn't registered that I need to do more than just have the low frequency layer ticked. It must be selected as well (i.e. it must be blue). Of course it's obvious... when you realise!. Sorry to waste the space but perhaps someone else will read this and learn from my idiocy!
  6. Hi Folks, I'm having a go a retouching portrait photographs and have been following the video tutorials pretty closely. I find that the various healing and blemish removal tools have no effect when I'm working on the low frequency layer. What am I doing wrong? To be explicit, here's the sequence of activity: I create a duplicate of the original pixel layer which I then 'un-tick' to hide. I then choose frequency separation from the filters menu, accepting the default settings for radius and so on. I then un-tick the high frequency layer and try to use the tools to remove spots and wrinkles etc on the low frequency layer. Nothing happens. However, I un-tick both the frequency layers, and select the original background pixel layer, the tools work on that. I've been scratching my head about this and can't work out what my error is. Help!
  7. Shoogles

    Recents are gone!

    Hi MEB, and thanks for the reply. I've checked where you suggest. It is indeed set to zero, which is odd, since I can see a list of recent items in, for example, Microsoft Word. Nothing daunted, I changed it from 'None' to '10', shut it off, opened up some files in AP, (just to test) and then closed and re-opened AP. Open Recent still offered me 'Clear Menu' as the only option. So I checked System Props again and found that it had reverted to 'None'. How very odd! Perhaps it needs me to reboot.
  8. Shoogles

    Recents are gone!

    I'm having this problem with AP, rather than AD. To be precise, when I open AP and go to File > Open Recent > sometimes a list recent photos is there but at other times it simply says 'Clear Menu'. Does anyone have any idea what's happening?
  9. Shoogles

    AP crashing when I click denoise filter

    Thanks Chris B. To be honest, I can't recall for certain which I used. I wasn't aware that the app was slowing down. In fact your question makes me realise that I wasn't clear that there are two different ways of doing it - one being non-destructive (in the live filters drop down menu) and the other being a straight filter. I think I was probably using each of them at different times, just thinking that they were different paths to the same thing (as is so often the case!) So thanks, I'll pay more attention to the options I'm choosing and see how it goes.
  10. Shoogles

    Photo FAQs Answered With Tutorials

    Hi Golfer11 I was a complete novice, like you, and started from scratch about 6 months ago. You've probably worked this out for yourself by now but I think the choice of profiles is for a level of sophistication way beyond what I need to worry about! If it helps, I purchased, for a reasonable fee, an online course at Udemy.com on using Affinity. It has really helped filling in some of the gaps that exist between the tutorials provided here and so got me off the ground very well. Worth checking it out.
  11. Hi, the title says it all. Doesn't happen every single time, but has happened several times today and yesterday. I can't detect a pattern, in terms of a context when it reliably does (or does not) crash. I'm not doing sophisticated stuff, just a couple of adjustment layers, and haze removal. I'm using an iMac, OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan). Any thoughts welcome.
  12. HI Folks, this is my first post, and I'm a relative newcomer to photo editing. Forgive me if this question is answered elsewhere. I'm puzzled about the advantages in using the Develop Persona, as the facilities there seem to be a narrowed-down version of what's available in the Photo Persona. I appreciate that the principle is that one works initially on a RAW file using DP and that RAW holds more information. But, if I've worked on the RAW file already, why would I bother to take it to PP and then work on it again there? Can anyone point me to a good source of advice, or a tutorial about that? Many thanks