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  1. I attached photo. How? Trying to make photo and it’s canvas appear as if manifesting from the ethereal plane into our existence. Thus, no edges at all, kind of like a *phasing* into reality look.
  2. You guys may know this, but I didn’t, stumbled upon it after spending 30-40minutes researching it yesterday. Thus, wanted to save anybody that time by share this for those not in the know: (thank you Apple - for making this shiat unnecessarily difficult) Anywho here it goes: 1) Via safari browser (or any browser of your choosing) Go to google drive. (Must be from browser, not google drive app, the app doesn’t import raws) 2) May have to request desktop view, otherwise your app will keep launching. (To request desktop - long press refresh circular arrow at top right, inside browser) 3) once in google drive, choose your file, tap drop down download arrow or long press to save. *boom* you’re done. Raw file.
  3. Wanted to share this in case it pertains to you. Need google drive though: If you have the image stored on google drive, import it directly from the safari browser. (Meaning go google drive) via your safari browser. Do not let the app itself do it, otherwise, will not be raw file. It’ll be the raw file if you download it directly from google drive via the browser. “Request desktop view” choose file, tap download arrow. Done. Just learned this yesterday myself. Works like a charm.
  4. UPDATE 1: Sent it to cloud as a .psd, preserves layers. Great! Unfortunately now I cannot edit text. I tap on a word, it just tries to create a cell for adding new text, instead of recognizing, that I am trying to edit pre existing text. Finished doing another test, cannot edit pre-existing text. After importing file from cloud in .psd Solutions? (Not crashing now, but that’s because I cannot edit the text, which was causing the crash) Yes it’s one file, every time I hit back, it crashes app. Tested on other files, they work fine, no CTD. workflow: After I make an edit with the different text, deleting (deleting words in a sentence, to shorten sentence) in this particular file, I then tap back arrow to close file - it then CTD (CTD = Crashes To Desktop) This CTD only happens when I edit text. In any way. No apps running in background. 268g of free hdd. Possible workaround: Can I send file up to cloud in layers? (Not unified) Assuming if delete file in AP, (after sending to cloud) when I bring back down will work without issues “in theory”. Thanks about .eps.
  5. Woah, didn’t even know this existed. Giddy as hell right now. Thank you!
  6. iPad Pro 10.5 (2017 model) Latest iOS 11.2.6 latest AP 1.6.7 crashing? Not saving all my work, just from a previous point, when I tap back button. Awkward. This started to today. When are you going to support.eps
  7. Everybody on this page, sharing this info — YOU ARE CHAMPIONS! Thank you. @skiphunt you the best! These are perfect for me, going to spend some time reading through it all. The Ravpower, iUSB, The Geekgo SD card Reader. I just recently ordered a flash drive for my iPad: (returning it, when I receive it, need a SD card reader, was unaware, there was one can be used on iPad - thank you) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07874FD5S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks again everyone. This outta lighten the carry load and increase workflow tremendously!
  8. The following video in YouTube demonstrates how he was able to add light onto the subjects feet area without it affecting the entire photo. What I appreciated of the feature, he was able to open a circular zone, and inside that zone, no matter where he dragged it, that’s where the light remained. Is iPad Pro (10.5 - 2017 model) to weak for such a feature? Or does Affinity Photo have it, and I’m just not aware of it? I am aware of the lighting persona, the 3 prongs and it brings up that lighting spotlight that flares out. I mean something just like in this video? (Seems more intuitive to me) Manually Fast forward to 9:42 timestamp. Google doesn’t allow us to timestamp from our iPads devices (facepalm)
  9. Ok. Added to my iPad. So now how do I get this option of selecting all layers? You didn’t give instruction. I’m about a 8 month baby with Affinity Photo. Macros goes over my head. Thought if I downloaded your mod, it would appear as a “select all layers” button. What am I doing wrong? because I don’t see it.
  10. Agreed with this thread regarding palm rejection. I was told by one of the site mods, go to tools, select “touch for gestures only” and it should help, well it does help - somewhat... now instead of my palm moving things around, it keeps activating the “long press” copy color feature (so that reticle highlighting the chosen color pops out, sometimes being froze there) this happens when my palm is resting on screen as I draw out, write, whatever I’m doing.
  11. I love Affinity Photo, it’s one of the best thing that’s happened to me, on my iPad, because of Serif - the nature of my work, to fully convey concepts, ideas forward visually is priceless. Now with that said - this is very sad and a HIGHLY overlooked area, serif overlooking the feature, that allows us to have our work saved, not manually - automatically. REGARDING iCLOUD STORAGE It would take a lot to run out of my iCloud storage. I pay for my 2 Terabytes. For or those that don’t pay and use the free iCloud services - if iCloud gets full - AP just stops backing up newer photos, or at very least, give them the option of selecting which files to autoback up (via checkbox mechanic) I truly hope they add this feature. I lost everything. REGARDING THE TWO FILES I CREATED IN AP, SAVED AS .EPS AND CANNOT OPEN: I’ve attached them Visionary: Niel Degrasse Tyson.eps Visionary: Raymond %22Ray%22 Kurzweil.eps
  12. @MEB Had an issue, where I had to restore an old save from month ago, for the new save was corrupted. But iCloud is BEAUTIFUL. I launch notability (all my files are there) I launch pdf expert (all my files are there) I launch many others, all the files are there... then I launch Affinity Photo. NONE of my files are there. Just the files from that old restore. My thoughts are leading me to believe, Affinity Photo does not have Auto Backing up of all files within it? (Like Notability and Mind Node, to name a few) all this time, I was under the impression it did, for I turned it on, in the iCloud settings, months ago - alleviating me, with the belief, my work was safe. Also, my iCloud is set to Backup my iPad, which it does on its own, at night. However, not the individual files inside an app I presume, for all the work within the AP app, would’ve been backed. (AP - are you not allowing iCloud, to read/store the data within your app?) Serif... please tell me, I am doing something wrong here. If not, very, unacceptable that Affinity Photo DOES not have auto backing up of all files within it. If... I lost hundreds of hours of work, I’m going to flip out. Please tell me, I’m doing something wrong, and then guide me on how to retrieve my files, for I’m all up and down icloud drive - nothing there. The two files, that are there, I can’t even open them, because for some reason, even though I created them on Affinity Photo, they are showing up as a file, that’s supposed to be opened with Continous (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/continuous-net-c-and-f-ide/id1095213378?mt=8) a programming app, I have installed. Unfortunately, what this is doing, it’s showing a icon of Continuous over the file, thus, preventing me from opening the files with Affinity Photo, because the files are grayed out, totally ignoring my taps. Need big HELP here. Thank You. FYI: I do have Affinity Photo turned on in iCloud settings, attached image below verifies.
  13. Image says it all. It kept following me all over. Even when I left onto a whole new project and started a new project. Exiting the app fixed it. Still wanted to share just in case it’s something you guys would like to know. I have no idea how to replicate it. I have settings set to touch for gesture only. Resting palm as I was writing with Apple Pencil is when it appeared.
  14. Hello, As asked in title? How do I keep the clone brush reticle “bulls eye” idle (not moving), while I go around cloning everything with my Apple Pencil. Thank you.
  15. I’ve never used the desktop version. Truth be told, I do everything on my iPad. That said, I agree with you - all versions of AP should have this feature.
  16. Yaaasss! thank you! BONUS ROUND = Found you have canvas rotation as well. BEAUTEE-FULL!!
  17. Notability has it, Pro Create has it, However, I use Affinity Photo way more, may you please add it, or may someone guide me to it, if exists
  18. Never mind. Found a powerful note taking tool that can handle such tasks: Notability.
  19. Damn! what app do you know, which keeps gif animating and allows me to annotate on it? I’ve searched but can’t find. Then again, I am the noob here. Please share what you know @Alfred thank you. Preferably a good one, that will accept my newly added annotations, while still keeping the file itself a .gif format after I send it out for others to view.
  20. I mainly use Affinity Photo for visualization representation. Unfortunately, still images can only go but do far. I have access to a gif, I want to be able to still keep it a gif while adding annotations onto it or next to it describing the scenario in the gif. How do I go about this?
  21. ALFRED!!! You the man!! Always helpful. Here you go! Enjoy your mental cruise, with complementary drinks, on the house
  22. Trying to copy over a paragraph worth of text over, and place above an image I’m working on. 1) I copied the the entire text field from Wikipedia. 2) Open up Artistic Text field 3) Long pressed on cursor, awaiting for “paste” prompt to appear. Nothing happens. Dont want to just drag and drop over. Want to be able to copy as text, so I may edit the text itself with different fonts and letter coloring, effects. UPDATE: Drag and drop doesn’t work anyways. Just tried, Text field appears, however, no text. What am I doing wrong here? Someone Guide please. Thank you.
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