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    @Paul Mudditt


    I managed to get text path to work (have to tap exactly on the shape line) not inside it or below it - that’s the mistake I was doing.

    Still my text, that type below the circle, is upside down, (This is my issue) I want it, to NOT be upside down. Can anybody show me where in the type settings I can change the text orientation? Please see video below.

    SIDENOTE: It’s not letting me tap (inside the circle to place text in the bottom like the tutorial or @Paul Mudditt example) I am being forced to place my text either on top of the circle on the outside, or below the circle on the outside. which you can see in my video prior to this post. 




    @Paul Mudditt

    Sadly, it’s still not working. 

    Did exactly as you showed and the tutorial @Aammppaa linked. It’s pretty straight forward. I have it memorized.

    1) duplicate shape

    2) Choose art text & text studio (I think it’s called)

    3) tap inside, below the shape

    4) Start typing

    5) At this point it’s not even working any more, text path won’t activate

    • I’m on 2017 iPad Pro
    • running iOS 13.3.1
    • AD 1.8
    • Using 1st gen apple pencil
    • No apps running in the background.

    When text path was working (about 20 minutes ago) text was still coming out upside down. I’m leaving video below. If someone can let me know what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it. I need to really wrap up this project I am working on. Thanks.

  3. Hi,

    I have no idea how to word this, so I created a video on luma touch which I attached below.

    However, I can share what I am trying to do. 


    • I would like the text underneath the circle shape.
    • I would like the text to be legible, basically not upside down.
    • I also don’t understand why the shape is disappearing. Shape needs to be present.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

    Probably @DM1 got this.

  4. @DM1

    Dude you have literally “in my opinion” mastered these affinity suites. 

    May I suggest that you...

    Take all the questions you have resolved on here. And as is... put it on Udemy?

    meaning no extra work... just take the questions you have already answered, show the question, then show the video you already uploaded that resolved it. 

    I will buy it!!


    you have literally answered so many questions on here that have resolved so many questions. 


    At least if you put it on Udemy or other any other paid for online education sites.  We will have these questions and answers (like a database) in a way - - where we can go there and find answers, you can update as you go. 

    I’m saying we all have to live and living costs. If you decide to do this.. let me know, I’m buying!

  5. I have checked YouTube and google. No real instruction on how to create basic glass. 

    Here’s what I’m trying to do. Apologies no image, on my iPhone and I am out and about. 

    I have a rectangle. 
    It’s color is purple. 
    I want to make it look like purple glass. 


    Opacity alone, doesn’t sell the effect.  

    any videos or anything in the serif videos section that comes close to demonstrating this for AD on iPad?


    thank you. 

  6. Hi guys,

    I created what is basically a door frame. I am trying to fill in the area (shown in the photo) not the whole shape, just that double lines area. 

    but it’s not working - fill keeps painting the entire shape.

    I am making sure the layer I want filled (in a group layer) are chosen

    My nodes are connected there are not openings

    I tried both fill tools, the icon on the lower left, and the gradient fill tool icon. Both color the back ground grey, instead of focusing in my door frame.

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong..?


  7. 17 hours ago, Dan C said:

    Unfortunately we don't have any macros for sale through the Affinity store currently, my apologies!

    I recommend checking out our Resources section of the forum as our community members regularly upload macros here :) 


    @Dan C


    Thank you! All these links are extremely helpful for me.


    Do let Serif know, if you ever have talks.

    There are people out here, who appreciate Serif and would be more than happy to purchase some of their macros, luts, and any other stuff they can create. 



  8. I’m looking for the Light Leaks macro that I missed out on when it released. 

    I would also like to browse what other Macro’s & Luts Serif may sell. I love their product - I want to support. 

    I went here:



    Don’t see anything regarding macro’s or luts. Only thing I saw with light, in their online store is the lighting pack, but it does not mention having macros.

  9. On 2/2/2020 at 3:38 PM, Paul Mudditt said:

    As with all things with this fantastic piece of software there is a workaround, install these live filter assets. But I would definitely also buy Affinity Photo, it is very inexpensive and provides so many more useful features as well.






    @Paul Mudditt Dude, you are so awesome. I remember that you showed me this (like 4 months or 5 months ago) totally forgot. I have those saved already thanks to you. Thanks man.

    One of those out of sight out of mind things. 

  10. 9 hours ago, Callum said:

    Hi Affinity iPad Student,

    There is no easy way to do this in Designer. However you could open your .AD file in AP and use the filter then bring the file back to AD.



    Thank you.


    Wow. I am surprised Serif does not deem perspective viable in AD. I understand, they do not want cross contamination between AD & AP (So they can both have uses and both can sell) but perspective tool? that’s the same as text, shapes, layering system... it’s needed in both AD & AP imho.



  11. As subject title asks.

    I created a frame, my letters are typing out of the frame. I am guessing this is because the text point size is too big. (I don’t mind resizing, I just mind resizing every single time I type more characters into the frame) does get tedious.


    If there is a wrap option...

    Wrap would automatically resize text size point and adjust text, to fit into frame as more characters are typed within the frame.  Sort of like apple notepad does as you type into one sentence or notability app note taking app does.

    Is this possible with AD? I can’t seem to find wrap even by googling. 

  12. So I created this outer space, tron neon - cyber punk landscape. 

    Not my credit, I am following two videos in youtube and following along, mixing it, into one design. 


    So here’s my issue. The steps, are explaining the images in sequence.


    1) I created a ground grid landscape.

    2) I needed to create a void separation into the ground, so I pen tool’d, and blacked it.

    3) So, those are rectangles, creating that black void. Here is my issue: I need to create depth, and let some lighting in there, so it can look realistic. My mind says, use the brush.. (I’m still a noob here) so ok, if use the brush, I have the standard ones that come AD.  That said...   which brush creates like a soft lighting? as if you’re standing on ground, looking down into a hole (let’s say you’re about to spelunking) you’ll see the rocks and light, and shadows as stare into the hole. So I want to add that kinda of depth to the sides that I squiggled in green.






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