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  1. The guide refuses to turn off, once you activate it. I turned it of off before exiting the project. Then when I launch project again, the guide is back on. This is occurring with multiple images that I used guide. This is truly annoying. If anyone knows a fix… i’ll take it! I hope devs are aware. All my software is up to date. I’m on iPad Pro 12.9 2020 model, rebooting iPad does fix issue. IMG_0325.MOV
  2. I could swear there use to be resource area in these forums, I was going to post this question there, but can’t find that section. My bad mods, if this question does not belong here. I’m looking for brushes whether paid or free that will allow me to paint textures that look like this: (low quality image sorry) think brushes that can produce: muscle striations, wide bumps, brain matter or cells from biology: Thanks!
  3. This presented at WWDC June 6th 2022 (about an hour ago) as of this posting This seems to be a system wide api, can affinity photo use this api, to easily allow us separate images we want from their backgrounds? This seems powerful to me. I rather this way, than selection tool. You guys can decide for yourselves: (Video is timestamped)
  4. According to one of the commenters in the video I linked above, we may be in for a surprise on June 6th (Apple’s WWDC). I hope this comment is TRUE!! I highlighted some interesting bits:
  5. hmm… I’m not sure if from a corporate product, service software standpoint , if that’s good or not. Though, my illiterate mind on such a subject, tells me that’s a good amount of employees, seems healthy to me. I hope this is still the case.
  6. tl,dr: Serif may be going through some tough times, may sell. The lack of significant updates, company silence are sculpting thoughts into this direction of thinking. I personally hope Serif is doing well. I LOVE affinity photo on my iPad. It’s been a blessing for me. I would love for it to continue to grow and evolve. I have no problem paying for updates, extra ui tools… whatever, to support this wonderful app. I hope what the video expresses is not true! That said, this video did a good job in my eyes laying out some, strong points that had me thinking (does the community or mods agree with any of these points expressed?) it’s not a negative video, it’s objectively expressed: The discussion in the video, stems from this comment: (screen-capped from video)
  7. Here is my file I am trying save to my ipad (notice all the layers are ticked) Now here is the bizarre stuff, when i save it to my ipad as a .png, here is what I get: Only affects .png, works fine with .jpeg This has been going on since last month, I was busy and forgot to post, been studying blender and haven’t used affinity photo until today, ran into this bug -> again. I figured this would be fixed by now. No one else is experiencing this? I have latest iPad: 15.4.1 Affinity Photo:
  8. I have mucho love for serif, for bringing Affinity Photo to iPad. AP being my main driver in the serif family of suites. That said, I agree with the sentiment many feel on here, but my gripes have to do with inclusion of 3D and lack of many modern features such as auto select subject, multitask and many others. 3D has entered a phase, to where it is now simpler to integrate from a software development stand point. 3D can integrate & coexist with 2D applications -> this has already been proven by procreate. I recall an article that was shared here in these forum about two years ago, where the Affinity lead developer spoke about 3D and how they have been tinkering with it in R&D. Well, procreate has proven it’s doable. A 2D creation app, can coexist & cohabit with 3D. If such features like 3D and extrude arrived on affinity photo. Affinity enters a whole new era of creation! Even cutting down on the work time to get things done. As many pointed out here: Nomad Sculpt - 3D sculpting app, built by one guy! Nomad Sculpt is now the leader of sculpting on iPad & iPhone (they took this title away from forger sculpt). ProCreate - Now allows import of 3D models, which you can paint on. Look at all the videos being put on YouTube from this community. They are so happy to interact with 3D. Procreate, literally created a whole new market within it’s community of 2D creators. Here we are with these powerful M1 iPad Pro’s, working with these powerful apps: procreate, nomad, mental canvas & Voxel Max When I experience these powerful apps, then I come back into my affinity photo, I’m instantly greeted with the sensation of how primitive Affinity photo is. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Affinity Photo, but I’m not blind, it’s primitive compared to what’s going in the creative space, on iPad. We don’t even have a multitask feature. Every other creative app offers this, that’s how far into primitive society we are in, with Affinity photo. I really do hope the update we are going to pay for, (which I don’t mind paying) The 2.0 update has something mighty for us.
  9. Followed along this Photoshop Tutorial on Affinity Photo iPad: My Follow Along Piece: I cannot seem to nail that beautiful searing orange, rim light Rikard has on his orb. It’s like a very soft white glow within the orange glow. If somebody can figure that out, please show me how you did it! Original Photo: In good conscious, I cannot place all the assets here, Rikard Rodin offers them for free through his youtube, just check description in the video.
  10. These are not my brushes, but if it’s ok with serif mods for me to post this, enjoy guys: I picked them up they work on Affinity Photo iPad and video below confirms brushes works with affinity designer. Site Link Shows off some of the brushes:
  11. Followed along with this photoshop tutorial on iPad Pro My follow along piece: Original: I cannot place all assets due to this being a Rikard Rodin tutorial, however the assets are free via link in video description
  12. Followed this photoshop tutorial: My Study Along Piece: Original: I cannot upload all of the assets, due to this being Rikards course. There is a link in the description, to access all assets for free.
  13. @Paul Mudditt yep, I didn't know that at the time due to what I learned on here in affinity forums a few years back regarding .psd. I pretty much expressed, what you just explained in a different way in here but coming from a lower level of understanding. I am just now, after this incident- coming into the understanding of these file types and the data technicalities involved with them.
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