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    jbikeler reacted to JI--CR in Affinity for Android   
    I agree, I think an Android version-especially of Affinity Photo, if not the whole suite--would be fabulous. It's a shame that you only offer software for Apple IOS when Andoid is considerably more popular worldwide. Although the design industry loves Mac and Apple products, many have opted for Windows and Android for economic reasons.
    I know this stat is 2 years old but consider this:
    iOS sales 2018: 217.72 million
    Android sales 2018: 1.56 billion!
    Thanks for the consideration.
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    jbikeler reacted to IbrahimGHO in Affinity for Android   
    Android tablet getting pretty good. And there is no combination in it if you add the affinity suite. There is no full creative apps in Android it would be amazing if we could have apps like the affinity suite. 
    Thanks and I hope y'all think about it
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    jbikeler reacted to Yschlussel in Main iPad image?   
    I realize I might sound a bit loony, but here goes...
    I just purchased the iPad app and am starting to lean it, but one thing which bothers me is the main image upon opening the app, and that same image on the interactive tutorials.
    If I would show the app to my wife, she would ask me why I’m looking at the bare back/ legs of another woman. I know it sounds a bit old-fashioned, but I would very much appreciate replacing that image with maybe some beautiful scenery; national park, waterfalls etc. etc. etc. Just not a scantily clad woman.
    I certainly don’t want to offend anyone with my comment, and I appreciate your understanding of my sensitivities.
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    jbikeler reacted to jonathanbeer in Modifier Keys   
    Hi everyone,
    The reception to Affinity Photo for iPad has quite rightly been phenomenal. It is, at last, a sign that the the iPad is getting the pro software that the hardware is capable of running.
    The features I would most like to see going forward are a floating modifier key panel (like AstroPad has), and external keyboard support.
    Modifier keys would allow for more accurate and efficient use of the clone tool (alt click to sample, click to clone) when manually cloning tricky areas that the automated methods cannot deal with.
    They would also allow better access to manipulating the handles of vector paths rather than constantly switching between the Pen and Node tools (on that subject, we need the ability to manipulate the two handles independently which I think is vital for accurate paths).
    A little spacebar key would let the user pan around the image without lifting the Apple Pencil off the screen... I could go on and on.
    Basically they would allow one tool to have multiple states without needing to switch tools or lose the accuracy of the Pencil by requiring a clumsy finger gesture.
    External keyboard support would be fantastic for quickly switching between tools, deselecting, re-selecting, quick access to the Fade command etc.
    Increased efficiency for power users basically.
    In summary, I'd love to be able to complete those finickity and tedious retouching tasks that we all have to do as quickly and painlessly as possible.
    Thank you again for a really astonishing piece of software. I can't wait to see how it develops.
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    jbikeler reacted to Chris B in Photo for iPad: Undo button should be on the left hand side!   
    Hey chopinheir,
    You can switch to left handed mode from Preferences > Interface but this will also switch your tools and studios around. It might be worth giving it a go to see if it works better for you. It would be nice to be able to customise elements of the UI though.
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    jbikeler reacted to aboutle in undo gesture or undo button move   
    Please add the two finger undo gesture ! Since procreate has made it quite standard, I would greatly appreciate this. The undo buttons on down right corner are such a pain, I just play with the software but can't imagine get in production with a function that is so badly placed for right handed illustrator ; right hand is for the pencil not functions
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