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    Wattloewe reacted to Scungio in Official Affinity Photo (iPad) Tutorials   
    I agree that some basic videos are needed. It is amazing to me how many people have asked me about Affinity Photo for iPad since it debuted. Most are not professional photographers or graphic artists but they are consumers that have a love or passion for the photos that they take and have been using apps like Snapseed and the like. And they are looking for something else, something more robust. But to go from what was available previously on the App store and then find Affinity Photo it must be intimidating at first.
    So, it would be very cool James if you could do some beginner tutorials/videos for this segment of people that will be coming over. 
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    Wattloewe reacted to isharastar in Official Affinity Photo (iPad) Tutorials   
    These are great vids on how the individual parts of the app work, but I've not used Affinity before (have been editing on iPad with Enlight, Snapseed, Superimpose, iColorama etc). I know that a lot of people who have been editing on these simpler apps are buying Affinity now it is available for iPad, and Affinity is not immediately understandable for us - as new users, we aren't simply adding to a pre-existing knowledge of desk top Affinity, but are moving to a whole new way of editing that wasn't available to us before now.
    What would really help me (and the many others in the same position) are some tutorials that start with importing a photo and take the viewer step by step through the editing workflow to the final product :) That way I can watch on the Mac, fire up Affinity on the iPad and follow along, and learn things in workflow order which helps me remember them :)

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