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  1. toxotis70

    Crashing during editing.

    I have the same problem...crashes and Loosing my work. IPad pro 9.7, ios 10.3.2 latest affinity.
  2. toxotis70

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    I have also crashes, iPad Pro 9.7, ios 10.3.2 latest affinity.
  3. toxotis70

    Exporting to photos

    is there any way to sync changes in raw photos, between affinity on ipad and affinity on windows/mac ?
  4. can you export raw images again with corrections, back to pc and how?
  5. Can anyone confirm that you can import Sony raw files directly from Camera or connection kit in Affinity (via photos app)? I want to buy it but I was thinking to edit raw photos from my Sony next Camera without iCloud....