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  1. Checking in to see if this issue is still on the radar to be fixed?
  2. I'm experiencing same issue with 1.8.2. I'm using the Extract Detail Macro that Pedro Soares created here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/36265-extract-detail-macro/&tab=comments#comment-178831 It too uses Vivid Light filter. Works fine on Jpegs, but creates colored artifacts on raw (NEF) files. Problem disappears when I convert to RGB/8 bit.
  3. Same as arkoe. Pixabay and Unsplash work fine for me, but I'm getting 'connection failed' trying to get images from Pexels. Works fine outside of AP.
  4. David - I switched from Corel about a year ago. While the twain support is nice to have, it's not a show stopper and you really should give Affinity Photo a try. I use Epson scanner to scan my photos to tiff and open later in AP for editing. I find this is actually faster for me than using Corel to scan, save and edit later. But, I scan a lot of photo's in, so I usually work in bulk.. I scan 30-40 photos, then work on them for the next couple of weeks.
  5. After upgrading to Affinity Photo on Windows 10 laptop, the layer thumbnails no longer get updated. See image;
  6. I've searched for and found a Affinity Photo roadmap on this forum, but it's dated 2015. I was wondering if there is a current roadmap now that Affinity Photo released 1.7.1.
  7. Bumping - To request this feature added in future upgrade. Windows environment.
  8. Does anybody know what these dropdown's are used for in 1.7.0? I can't seem to find anything about.
  9. You nailed it. After unchecking noise reduction it took about 4 seconds to develop. Thank you
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