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  1. I think what you are looking for is the Pixelate Filter... Filter > Distort > Pixelate.. Then change the Quantization value.
  2. Thanks Dave... This guide is really helpful. You Rock!!!
  3. Dave, Thank you for putting this together. I'm running AP on Windows and noticed that I do not have several (i.e. Dissolve, Linear Burn, Linear Dodge and Divide) in my layer blend modes. Are these blend modes available on the Mac version and not Windows version? Also, I have an 'Add' blend mode in AP, which is not mentioned in your documentation. I'm wondering if that is the same as Linear Dodge.
  4. Forgive me if this has been suggested or brought up before. Is there any way to break the forums up by product (i.e. Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer)? The current format makes it difficult for me to determine what product the discussion is about if tags are not used. Thank you,
  5. TheFeralOne, You'll get over it .. I felt the same way about PaintShop Pro... I've written over 20 scripts (macros) to make that software easier to use and to do what I needed (i.e. luminosity masks, auto align, etc..) But, I found that Affinity Photo does almost everything I ever scripted much better and faster. As this software matures, I'm sure the Macro's will get better as well.
  6. Charles from Litchfield Park, AZ. Just started using Affinity Photo on Windows a little over a month ago and absolutely love this program for my photos. Been a user of Corel PaintShop Pro since 1999, so I'm quite comfortable with it. Even wrote a number of scripts (python) for the software. This application simply blows it away. Now, almost everything I do is done in AP. Since I'm a script writer , I'm excited to watch AP macro language mature so I can convert my scripts to AP.
  7. Sima - Thank you... Holding both buttons (although awkward) works. Wish I could do same with just the left mouse button :-).
  8. I can not seem to get this... I'm using a Windows system with a mouse. Everytime I try to increase my brush and/or hardness with using Alt or Cntrl/Alt all I get is the pixel color selection. I've tried selecting with left mouse as well as right mouse and center wheel. Nothing seems to work What am I missing?
  9. I am having a consistent error when deleting a light filter from an image. To recreate, open any image or create new: 1) Add new light filter 2) Move to desired location 3) Add a second light filter 4) Move to desired location 5) Delete first light filter (AP crashes) Video example: