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    Linux. Seriously now.

    Just to get in my two cents worth and perhaps correct some of the misinformation presented in this thread: - Professionals do use Linux. In fact, a lot of professional tools have been ported to Linux over the past 10 years or so. In order of popularity -- programmer tools (obvious, I guess), engineering tools (electrical/electronic/physics/math/<and so on>), web and graphic design tools, et cetera. - No need to 'write' a app store replacement...as someone has pointed out. I would respond to the 'ubuntu app store sucks' comment with -- Look at the desktop clients that have been done for Mint Linux (and most other distributions) as they are as feature rich as any 'app store' and the code is free to use (as is the case with most of the Linux desktop improvements). - The kickstarter idea is a great suggestion! Would take a lot of the guess work (mostly incorrect guesses) out of the business case side of things...right?