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    Affinity Photo folder in iCloud

    Same issue here. Affinity Photo folder is visible in Affinity Photo for Mac, but missing on Affinity Photo on iPad.
  2. Roland von Bremen

    Managing .afphoto files inside the iPad app

    Hi MEB, good you are looking ahead and are actively prioritising future features. Hear my voice in support of jcburns. Rolling out a professional grade app for the iPad, with cross-platform feature parity advertised but lacking direct access and seamless sharing to the Affinity Photo folder on iCloud is a severe let down. This is one of the gaps to be filled, urgently. Were it not for the rich feature set already available on the iPad, "Black-box" storage would be a killer. "Black-box" storage on an iOS device is usually a reliable marker for crappy apps that will be deleted immediately. Count my voice, I will bear with you.