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  1. Well, if that is the case, then it seems the Apple Core Image Raw is broken. You you can see in my Example the lost of details in the grass and you can't get those details back by changing the settings in the Develop Persona. Apple Core Image may say it uses the RAW data, but it clearly shows a reduced version of the photo with less possibilities to edit. So if Affinity uses the API from Apple than it looks like a bug in iOS 10. I hope this problem gets resolved with iOS 11. Off topic: you can change the RAW Developer on the Mac Version? Can you tell me where I find this option?
  2. Yes, you can open the DNG, but on the iPad you get the embedded JPG. You can see it when you zoom in on the picture. I made a Screenshot from the Desktop and the iPad Version of Affinity Photo with the same DNG file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvskesjkf1hoddx/example.jpg If you try edit the DNG file on the iPad Version, you won't get the same result as on the Desktop.
  3. I use ProCam http://www.procamapp.comwith an iPhone 6s and here are two RAW files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s96dfqt906tax9x/RawExamples.zip
  4. Hi! I have a similar problem. I try to open RAW photos shoot with an iPhone and I also get only the JPG Version. I enabled "Download Originals" but still the same problem. Then I used iCloud Drive to move the DNG files from my computer to the iPad and opened it with Affinity Photo and still get only the JPG.