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  1. Thank you Ronnie...just used your link to pick this up at the deal price. Looks like it will be useful to help organize my brushes for now in Photoshop, and then over time to transfer them into Affinity usable pngs.
  2. I hope I don't come off as being snarky but I think you are asking for a lot for $49. I use Photoshop and also use PerfectPhoto9...that is a good program that I find useful, but it costs more than triple what Affinity Photo does and it does not work with photoshop plug ins...it supposedly works as a plug in to Photoshop itself, which should make it easier to shift back and forth between those two but, in fact, I find that using it as a plug results in fequent crashes and has severe limits as to how things can be handled. I don't say this to put down Perfect Photo (it has it's strong points ) but just to say that, every program is likely to have some things it does better than other programs and I, personally, think that Affinity has made a great start. As far as being "ready for prime time" well, I think it is ready to be out there and offer quite a lot for its present price and add to that that the developers seem willing and eager to improve it. Maybe you will need to keep your Photoshop subscription for a little longer but then, (assuming you are one of those who signed on at the $9.99 per month deal and assuming that Adobe doesn't suddenly hike the price) you can have a program you own outright for just 5 months worth of Photoshop. There are still a lot of things I'd like to see added to Affinity but it already seems like a deal to me, even if it doesn't do quite everything Photoshop does in exactly the way Photoshop does it.
  3. I've looked around for the same thing and can't find it. I also scrolled through the list of keyboard shortcuts and couldn't find anything there, although there is the same X shortcut, as in Photoshop, for flipping black/white from foreground and background. Not sure if this is an oversight or if the way the colour sampling is set up makes it difficult to do, but I too would really like this simple way to set colours back to black and white.
  4. I'm pretty much a newbie too so I hope someone more experienced will come along to help but in the meantime...have you checked what format your file is saved as? If it is an .af that may not be recognized by the forum and you might need to use export rather than save and export it as a jpeg file.
  5. I've come over also from Photoshop and at first really felt like I was bumbling around, but it does take some effort to learm anything new ( I think back to how long it took me to learn my way around Photoshop!). One thing I have found with Affinity Photo is that the help section is very good, for me it has been much easier to find the answer I am looking for here than it ever was in Photoshop help. Everyone is different but, considering the real bargain price, and the fact that you don't have to sign up for the relentless, continuing (and may be increased at any time) drain of a subscription, I find it is definately worth putting in the effort to learn to use this.
  6. So, if I duplicate the background layer, and then highlight all the layers except the original background layer, and select merge visible I should get something akin to the stamped layer you can achieve in Photoshop?
  7. Thanks for the responses...so I understand now that I can change just one character in the middle of a word to an alternative but I will not get the complete list of alternatives to chose from, even if my font does include multiple alternates, as I do now in Illustrator.
  8. I have what I think is a related question, but I don't have the indepth computer programing knowledge that you guys seem to and don't really understand your posts above. I just want to know at present, if I am using a font with open type features, can I go in on a single character and select an alternate form for that character as I can now in Illustrator? Watching your video it seemed almost as if I have to select alternates as a group,and then have them in effect for the whole of the type, rather than just applying them on a where I want, when I want, basis.
  9. MEB, thanks for the response...no problem with being patient, I'm still working on all the things Affinity Photo can do for me. Just throwing the focus stacking request out there for future consideration.
  10. I'm interested in the focus stacking feature also, for use in macro shots. Just want to add that I am really impressed by what you have done so far and I know there are hundreds of different things people are requesting.
  11. I'm looking for something akin to the adjustment brush in Camera Raw which allows me to make pin point adjustments to certain areas of the photo during development . I find I can use the overlay brush to apply adjustment to certain areas, but I'm not able to find a way to adjust the hardness or feather of that brush which makes for very hard edged virtually unusable selections. Am I missing something here ? Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi, I'm Joanne, I'm basically a hobby photographer and photoshop user, although I have made some money selling prints and cards of some of my photos. I switched over to MAC a couple of years ago and, at that point, picked up CS6 at a cost of hundreds of dollars so I wasn't a happy camper to discover, not too long later, that Adobe had switched to a subscription only bases for the software and I'd have to sign on to that for any updates. I'd love to find another company that provides something equivalent to Photoshop and Illustrator. I've just picked up the Photo Beta and hope to have a go at learning a little about it, with a view to slowly phasing it in and photoshop out, if it looks likely to meet my needs. As of now I am basically stumbling around in there trying to figure out how to do things.
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