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  1. Hi fmotta,

    Here's three ways to get your file out of Affinity Photo on iPad:

    1. With the file open, tap the document icon and select Save A Copy. This saves a copy of the file as an .afphoto document to iCloud Drive or other cloud service you might be using. You can then access the same file/folder from you Mac or PC.


    Tried this. Interestingly the "Affinity Photo" Folder in iCloud Drive is greyed out. So no way to store a .aphoto file where it belongs to, like in macOS. Weird.


    When will Photo behave as usual with iCloud Drive?

  2. Hi,


    In Photo for iOS I've created a mask layer with Smart Selection, Refine Selection, output to mask.


    Now, I need to edit this mask to further refine it using the Refine Selection tool, but I cannot find the equivalent to "Edit Mask.." that exists in Photo for MacOS.


    How can I get a selection from the mask in order to further refine it?