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  1. I can not figure a way to print spreads. Printing "Book" or "Booklet" does not work as it prints the low numbers on the right of the paper and the high numbers of the book on the other side. In other words, for an 8.5 x 11 sheet, landscape, book and booklet printed the start of the book on the right side of the page and halfway through the end of the book to the middle on the left side of the page. I finally had to create a PDF and was able to print it via Preview. Any help would be appreciated.


    James K

  2. As a Final - Here is what I discovered. I had assigned a icc profile for "sheetfed uncoated". I went into document set up and assigned a profile  of "Generic CMYK". When I printed text was solid - no screening. I suspect when printing "Sheetfed uncoated" the program assumes you are sending off to a RIP which will do some conversions. When I create a PDF I always do NOT include any profile and the printer (via prepress) will assign their own press or digital profile. This solves a problem!!

    Thanks again for everyones input. This was a very good discussion.

    Jim K

  3. Thanks to all for all the investigative work. I'll be messing more based on some of the tilts all have provided. I indicated in an earlier pay usually when sending files too PrePress we send as a PDF gone are the days off sending folders with everything - at least in most cases. It just bugged me that when printing from InDesign text was printed solid but with publisher it was screen. I'll post some of my results. 

    Jim K

  4. I had not noticed this before but under a Loupe I saw that my 100% black text was being screened (Halftoned) in Publisher, Photo and Designer. BTW, I can see this in Photoshop as well so I'm not blaming Affinity totally! The images attached were printed from Publisher to a Brother color laser printer. The color was CMYK printing the text at 100% Black. I have checked everything in publisher (photo and Designer) and everything is set correct. Just to cut through the chase I work in the printing industry and have for many years so this caught me by surprised. I can export the document as a PDF and when printed on the same printer the text prints solid not screened.

    Any ideas on this or is anyone else experiencing this??



    Jim K



  5. Thanks for your reply. PrePress? Me? As a student at RIT in the 60’s my first part time job was setting Linotype 3 days a week!! I use a lot of targets for press and paper testing as well digital equipment testing. Not the norm I would agree but many others in the printing do for the same reason. I always want a good competitor to Adobe and hope for Affinity to be that. 

    Thanks again for your reply and agree, I think Serif needs to address this issue.



  6. Designer, Photo and even Publisher Beta has issues with importing prepress or print targets. When Importing the app will just freeze at the importing window or if the EPS is imported it is incorrect, missing elements or converts colors such as 100% black to 400% black. If all three programs are going to work in the printing industry these targets must work! I have attached a sample EPS target.

    Something with the core programs must have a problem interpreting the EPS files. I'd be interesting in Serifs thoughts.

    Jim K


  7. I did download Designer best 1.7 (I'm also testing Publisher beta). I still got the same results with the EPS file you sent me. I have attached a screen shot so you can see how the file either opens or places. Also, where 100% black solids are designer "sees" them as 400% black. You can see in the attached images how some things are missing when you compare to the original EPS image I sent you yesterday.

    Let me know what you think and thanks!

    Jim K


  8. V_kyr - thanks for all your help but I solved the issue. Usually when you give a PDF off to a printer (offset or digital) they will add their own profile. What I needed to do was not use a preset (I’ll create my own) and uncheck to “embed profile”. I also unchecked honor spot colors (since I had none) and over print black as I wanted black type at 100% so it would knock out underneath. That work perfectly. If you are handing off the Affinity Designer file (or any Affinity file or folder (Publisher) you can leave a profile. The printer then can change or use the one you selected. I.e. Uncoated sheetfed, etc.

    Anyway, problem solved. I was just use to using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and in the very early days Pagemaker and Quark!!!

    Thanks again.


  9. V_kyr - thanks for your reply. I do understand the difference between True black and Rich black. In my case I did set the type to 100% black, C, M, Y at 0%. When I bring the PDF file into Acrobat and check separations - only when the profile is set to Generic CMYK does it show the black at 100%, and CMY at 0%. If I change the profile to, for example, Web coated black is a combination of CMYK. Illustrator does not do that. I’m trying to understand why the values are changing. I know the printer will apply their own profile.


  10. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but I create a document in CYMK. I want the type to be 100% black (not a 4-color build). I also do the same for any drop shadows. Now to hand off the project to my printer as a PDF (for print). Unfortunately when I bring the PDF into Acrobat and check separations the type and drop shadows are now a 4-color build not the 100% black I made it. Either I am doing something wrong or there is a bug in Designer.

    Any ideas on this one?

  11. 3 minutes ago, v_kyr said:

    Don't know the OP has to tell, further it would be interesting to see if "Place ..." then operates the same way for CDs/DVDs aka generally read only media.

    I’ll try placing the file tomorrow. I had a similar problem when trying to place an image from a CD into Affinity Publisher. I have not tried Designer - I’ll do that tomorrow.

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