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    PDF Output Issues

    First Thanks for following up with the issue. You are right, if I bring the file into Acrobat 9, it works just fine. I'll post something on the Apple Forum as a bug with Preview. BTW, In the Finder side bar the PDF would display fine but clicking on it would display the error file. Thanks again! I also hope you pass this bug onto Apple. James
  2. skyking

    PDF Output Issues

    Interesting. RGB 8 and 32 bit work just fine. So does CMYK 8 bit. Only the RGB 16 bit didn't work. I'll be interested in what the Dev team discovers. If you could follow up with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. At least I know a way out of the issue. James
  3. skyking

    PDF Output Issues

    MEB - I have uploaded the Affinity File as well a sample of the PDF Output. Again, I tired every PDF setting available all with the same results. I'll be interested in what you discover. Thanks James aka Skyking!
  4. skyking

    PDF Output Issues

    Great. I’ll upload the Affinity photo later this AM. I tried every PDF setting there is. I’ll be curious to what you find. Again, I’ll up load the Affinity Photo created file and a sample of the PDF output file. James
  5. skyking

    Canon 6D MKII

    This is not a bug but Affinity Photo needs to update camera profiles. I just purchased the new Canon 6D MKII and notice the new CR2 file is not compatible with Affinity Photo on my Mac (so I assume on Windows as well). The photo will come into the develope persona but after a few seconds the image has a purple overlay and low contrast. I had the same issue with On1 Raw in the same manner. Thus I'm suspecting Affinity Photo needs to update for the 6D MKII camera (file). Thanks James
  6. When I send a photo to Affinity Photo from Lightroom, the photo transfers just fine. I'll make a lot of changes to the photo then save it to the same folder all the Lightroom photos are in. The sent photo shows up in Lightroom as the second stacked image. Problem is all the changes I made in Affinity Photo don't show up. The photo looks the same as the original - with no changes. The photo has the Affinity Photo file format such as .PSD. What gives??? I can't figure this one out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks James
  7. Lee - Many thanks for getting back to me. I did exactly as you indicated. Once I made any changes in Affinity Photo I saved the file and then closed it. BTW, when transferring from Lightroom I created a PSD file. OK, when I saved the file in Affinity Photo I then closed it and switched back to LR. Unfortunately there is another file (the PSD) but it is the original file I sent - no changes showed. I even just let LR sit to see if the file would update. At this point I'm not sure if this is a LR issue or a Affinity Photo issue. James
  8. Thanks for the help!! After I read the posts I remembered how to do it!! Thanks again! James

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