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  1. RE: Resizing Publisher Projects (i.e. for instance from A4 to A5) with only some Master Pages used is a VERY tedious process, in my humble opinion! Resizing does work, but it is a very cumbersome process if you have some layout pages depending on masters and others not: First you have to resize the masterpages which transform the pages dependent on them to the proper size, but then you have to find out which pages are not dependent on master pages and resize them separately. After all, it is a very error prone process. And, the terms used in the German version add up to the confusion. The whole dialogue really has to be reworked in a future update of Affinity Publisher, not only in the German language version. There also should be an Info Panel to show the properties of the (final) layout pages (size etc.) - or is there? Ally or Ezra should prepare a decent Publisher tutorial to clarify things. Regards, Regix
  2. How to resize just Masterpages? I can`t find such an option ... just Layout Pages ... The Master are all correct. It is easy to reproduce the afore mentioned problem 🙂
  3. RE: PDF-Export for Printing House: I finally managed to get a 40 Page Hardcover 11x8.5 inch Photobook printed by a large German Printing House (Friedmann Print). Usually they only accept PDFs exported by Adobe Indesign. After some experimentation, I had Affinity Publisher export the project as single pages (they would not accept spreads). But I also had to rework my Affinity exported PDF with the Adobe Acrobat Pro Preflight Option (fortunately I still had an old version of Adobe Acrobat Pro 9), where I could analyze it and have it conform to PDF/X4 and the proper Output Intent (Fogra39). I don't know if it is possible to get the same output with only Affinity options (which ones?). Is there a preflight option similar to Adobe Acrobat Pro? At the printing house (Photographerbook.de / Friedmann Print) I was probably the first costumer to upload a PDF created not with Indesign (which seems to be a deeply rooted standard). I would suggest some more tutorials and help files for Print Production (even though print house requirements differ).
  4. Hi Dan, There is more to it: Resizing ONLY works correctly if the page (or the pages to resize) are not dependent on Masterpages! I just tried it out : In the screenshot below you shall see pages 6&7 NOT correctly resized because they depend on Master B, but all other pages without Masterpages are correctly resized. This may have been my real problem (apart from the mixup between pages and layoutpages I mentioned in my earlier answer). So what to do if one has a big project where most of the pages are dependent on Masterpages and you have to resize the project???
  5. Hi Dan, It worked! You are definitely right. Thank You. What mixed me up was the somewhat problematic translation to the German Version! In order to resize I had to first go to "Layoutseite einrichten" and then I had to choose "Alle Layoutseiten", but then under "Abmessungen festlegen für" one has to choose "Seite" and not "Layoutseite" as I did. "Skalierung" (Skaling) I got right. So thank you once more. Maybe the developers should check some of the translations 🙂 , also in next editions of the German Workbook :-)) Best regards, Regix
  6. Hi, everybody: Tried to resize a very small Publisher (1.10.4) project (just to show the problem) of only 4 pages from A4 to A5 on my iMac. Despite following the advice from Affinity Spotlight https://affinityspotlight.com/article/resizing-projects-with-confidence/ that did not work properly. The objects (photos) in the A5 project pages are distorted (or do they show the original size?), though I did rescaling. Is it because I used master pages in the A4 project?? Could somebody please give me a step-to-step guidance what it really takes? I am attaching screenshots of the A4 project and the resized to A5 project. Thank you, regix from Konstanz, Germany
  7. FEATURE REQUEST: Export to EPUB! The first request for this feature were made in 2018, now 3 years later there this feature is not realized. So one cannot use Affinity Publisher to create an EPUB. MacUsers would be glad if Affinity Publisher could export to MacOS Pages. From Pages it is very convenient to export to EPUB.
  8. I am desperately waiting for a feature offering a catalogue structure (DAM) - similar to what Aperture was offering. There is a lot of good photo editing programs out there now (like Pixelmator, Picktorial, even Photos) - but none (apart from Capture One) that rivals the DAM capabilities of Aperture! As someone who has over 600 GB of images in 20+ Aperture libraries well keyworded with all the Metadata - I am hoping that within the next version of Affinity photo there will be a catalogue feature - then the only serious competitor would be Capture One …
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