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  1. MNKYshield

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Interesting discussion this is becoming. The studios will be interested, altho they will need to be approached, I think. For a while CinePaint was being used at some facilities and now Krita is used to some degree. As far as the no. of paying customer goes, this is exactly why we need a kickstarter. The price is affordable for people outside US, which is a huge factor, I wud buy AdobeCC apps if they were available on linux and I am sure many others wud. So why not Affinity, permanent license for a capable software which can be depended upon in production... Does the campaign need to come from the community or can Serif work on it. Do you guys have interns, put an intern on it... ;)
  2. MNKYshield

    Linux. Seriously now.

    Cool, so its going to be a kickstarter campaign. Can someone from the US take this forward, please. If you need help with graphics or something else, lemme know at mnkyshield@gmail.com The userbase will increase with more useful apps available on Linux. We dont want to let this cool off... :)
  3. MNKYshield

    Linux. Seriously now.

    So you need 10k plus buyers of Affinity photo to justify working on a linux version. I am not aware of user statistics and such but I don't think this is an unrealistic target. Linux users who like the OS and what it offers but have to move to WIN for some design apps are hungry for a native design app family. Something dependable, fast and functional. I have interacted with a few devs online and seen fewer yet in action. I have only a vague idea about the juggling of applications and interfaces. Tho I feel the buyers are out there at the price point that you are willing to sell, more than 10k - maybe, at least 10k - definitely. What wud it require to convince you about the no of users willing to buy Affinity - a pledging paltform, a simple poll or something else ? Please point out to me if I am being naive about the numbers.