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  1. Is there any way to do this, if I have created some styles on the laptop and exported them as .afstyles? I can't seem to find the option to import them onto my app on iPad.
  2. zanthia122

    Layer Styles Not Keeping Their Settings

    Apparently this same issue has been reported here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/24162-applied-styles-dont-match-definded-styles/ When is this going to be fixed? Right now the shadow styles are pretty useless because the values change with the size of the object it's applied to.
  3. zanthia122

    Layer Styles Not Keeping Their Settings

    Actually, on different objects the styles become different. A smaller square gets a smaller shadow for example. Is there any way to keep the numerical value, I.e. Same style on whatever I apply the style to?
  4. zanthia122

    Layer Styles Not Keeping Their Settings

    Here's a link to the base file: https://portland-my.sharepoint.com/personal/seungyang2-c_ad_cityu_edu_hk/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=046b52e8299dc41f4b6edcfa13234d77c&authkey=AVFS4TUPl6O7qIt_LB9bUws I opened it up and created layer styles from each layer. Then I opened up another document (same size, same resolution), and used the styles on a square I drew. It didn't work... everything's changed including color, opacity, radius, etc. on the outer shadow.
  5. Hi, I just purchased the app and I'm running into a problem. I created a .psd on my laptop with some shadow styles that I commonly use. I then imported the document into Affinity Photo and created some layer styles from the document. No problem there. I can use the layer styles just fine in that document. However, when I open up another document and try to use those styles, their settings are completely changed and they're unusable. The two documents are of the same height and resolution so I don't understand what could be the problem?