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  1. File uploaded (PC070158.afphoto). In order to reproduce the problem, just open the file and click on the 4th-last (or older) step in the protocol. The 3 last steps are OK. While uploading, I realized that this problem exists with almost all aphoto files for which the history is saved. Just uploaded another one which creates the same error message if you click on 2nd last protocol step or older (PC060049.afphoto). Furthermore, I uploaded a screenshot of the error message. System: Windows 10, Dual XEON2670, 48 GB Ram, Nvidia Quadro 4000 with most current drivers (Sept 2017)
  2. I developed a file and did some further changes like adding layers etc. Whenever I want go go back by clicking into the protocol or via the menu, Affinity Photo crashes. Both versions of Affinity Photo crash, the current beta as well as the non-beta. Should I provide the file? If yes, let me know how (>200 MB). Regards, Jens
  3. I support this idea with a checkbox in the settings, too. Obviously, many of us users wish that. Shouldnt it be rather up to the users needs than to the dev teams stomach feelings? :-)
  4. Affinity Photo urgently needs an improved "Lights" correction. For example in night shots where single buildings are overexposed, it is very simple with lightroom to correct these areas by the lights slider. Affinity Photo is very poor here. The same is true by photos with too strong flash. A improvement of this function would be great.
  5. This sounds even more complicated than saving a copy via Affinity Photo for iPad into the cloud.
  6. Hello, back from holiday where I developed a lot of pictures on my iPad, I would like to transfer the *.afphoto files to my desktop computer. Is there a quick and easy way? So far, I only found the solution using the "save a copy" function which is very cumbersome, especially since all files are named "Unbenannt.afphoto" (unnamed.afphoto in English, I guess). If there is no easier way, this should be among the upcoming ToDos of the dev team. Thx for any help. Jens
  7. Reproduceable bug in iPad Version: When I use the rotation option in the development mode, the developed picture is terrribly cut.
  8. Congratulations to this outstanding pic! I tried to make a milkyway pic recently and wonder how you got this intensive lights and colours. My results are somehow in between yours and this one. You say you took 2 pics from the sky. Did you one "normal" one with lets say 20-30 sec of exposure for the stars on the left and right side and one with extra long exposure only for the milky way part?
  9. Can someone explain why there are the following size differences of my OMD E-M1 pics, depending how I process them: 1) When I open an ORF file, Affinity Photo recognizes it as 4640 x 3472 (Windows 10 recognizes the ORF file as 4608 x 3456 (right click, properties, detail); same for Lightroom: 4608 x 3455) 2) When I open an out of camera jpg file with Affinity, it is recognized as 4608 x 3456) 3) When I develop an ORF file to an jpg file with Affinity Photo and save it as jpg, the jpg file has 4640 x 3472 4) When I develop an jpg file with Affinity Photo and set the width to 4608, the height has only 3448 4) When I develop an ORF file to an jpg file with Affinity Photo for iPad, export it with a preset and open it in Affinity Photo, it is recognized as 4608 x 3456 4) When I develop an ORF file to an jpg file with Lightroom and open the resulting jpg in Affinity Photo, it is recognized as 4608 x 3456 Why does Affinity Photo for Windows produce different aspect ratios compared to Lightroom an Affinity Photo for Ipad? 4640 x 3472 and 4608 x 3448 have the same ratio, but 4608 x 3456 is another ratio! Are these pics "sqeezed"? Regards, Tschens
  10. Agreed. DEV Team, please add this to your list of todos. Rather on the top .
  11. Dear Developers (pun intended), 1) The export process is very cumbersone in general. Here several issues: In the export persona, why can I only export slices? This is confusing. By the way, it took me several minutes to find the "export" button since it is not always visible and somehow hidden on a tab (ther is no button on the layers tab). When I select accidentally a preset in "Exportvorgabe" [German Version] from the slices tab, this setting overrules my setting that I have chosen above. I cannot unselect it any more and have to leave the export persona and re-enter. That's Annoying. Furthermore, my procedure of developing/exporting pics from a photography session is to first adapt the selected pics to my needs (color, brightness etc.) and then export them all. This means I have more than one file opened. And here comes the issue: when I switch to the export persona with several files opened, I have to do this for every single opened file! This is cumbersone. You could at least introduce a button "export all opened files". Thats why I currently prefer exporting from the photo persona using the menu (file/export...). The problem here as well as in the export persona is that I have always to choose my own settings again, Affinity does not remember my settings from the last export. This should be urgently changed and was already mentioned elswhere here in the forum. 2) In the develop persona, I would like to have a bit sronger effects of some sliders. The Shadows and Lights slider has almost no effect in some pictures. 3) When using the overlay brush ("Overlay malen" in German version) in the develop persona, the "Klarheit" and the details/noise sliders are greyed out. Would love to have them active, too. 4) Non destructive RAW development would be very nice. Whenever I switch from develop persona to photo persona and back to develop persona, the slider settings are reset and I do not exactly know which settings I changed before. 5) Add a Catalog Persona where the user can rate, catalogue, set meta-tags etc. Finally, let me congratulate to this software! Affinity Photo is on its way to be the best software on the market. I stopped using Photoshop completely and I use Lightoom only occasionally. I also got the very impressive iPad version and Affinity Designer, the latter one replaces my good old Corel Draw. Keep up the excellent and customer-friendly way of software development. Regards Jens
  12. Wow! And here they are. Macro import works perfectly here. Thanks a lot for the great support.
  13. Hello Dev team, although this was already discussed elsewhere - let me once again mention that the .aphoto file size is an absolute no-go. I just developed a RAW file from my Olympus OMD E-M1 and did some further corrections (color etc) after the development. Then I saved my work with the result that the aphoto file size is 442 MB (!!!) which is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Even when I uncheck the "save with protocol" option, the file size is 224 MB. But without saving the protocol, I dont see an advantage of saving the .aphoto file at all. Can you explain the difference between an protocoll-less aphoto and a tiff file? Whenever I open an aphoto file without protocol, I begin from zero. Its just a tremendously bloated tif file. My Lightroom catalog which contains thousands of photos and which I am working with since many years is approximately as large as my aphoto files I collected during the last week. Please explain. Jens
  14. Bump. Any chance to get macros in Affinity Photo for iPad in the near future?
  15. Hello, I have a question to this topic: Is there a CONVENIENT way to export several (or many) jpg to a pre-defined folder in order to avoid to "mix" them with the original RAW files? My recent procedure is: - Import the RAW files with the SD card adapter to the iPad image gallery. - move these files to an extra folder/album - edit the RAW files and export them - find the exportet jpg files between all the other similar looking RAQ files (cumbersome!!) and move them to another folder/album - erase RAW files in order to save memory I would appreciate if there would be the option to safe the exportet jpg files into a pre-defined folder or album, but so far I did not find a way. Any good ideas or workarounds? When saving the jpg on iCloud drive, they are named "unnamed.jpg" (or something like that) which is absolutely not helpful. Why not keeping the original file name and just change the file type from name.RAW to name.jpg? Jens
  16. Hello, I have an Olympus RAW file from a blue-light scene from a band on stage. The color interpretation of Affinity Photo - on iPad as well as in Windows - is absolutely terrible. It is OK in Lightroom as well as in ACDSee, thats why I assume that it is a bug in Affinity Photo. See attached pic. Should I provide the file by E-Mail to the dev team? Camera: Olympus OMD-E-M1. Regards, Jens
  17. Agreed - an urgent wish from my side! At least the macro import function in order to use macros on the iPad which were created on a desktop would be VERY helpful.
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