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  1. Updated to the new version, buthaving a few problems. 1. It keeps crashing 2. No matter where I put the shadow slider it still seems to do nothing? 3. Is there a way of selecting more than 1 photo at a time for HDR etc as it takes for ages to select all images keep goin in an out of Dropbox. 4. Also seems very slow to do anything since the update. Hopefully this is in the right place, since the update I've not been able to edit a single image without it crashing or taking so long I end up loading the mac back up to use LR. hope this helps.
  2. dazzlers82

    iPad app crashes

    Thanks for the reply, they are just canon raw files from a 70d and I'm on the new 2017 iPad Pro
  3. dazzlers82

    iPad app crashes

    Hi guys, I've had the app crash on me a few times when coming out of the raw editor. It also loses all my saved or edited images as well, I just re opened app and the photo I was editing had gone from the project screen? Also the shadows and highlights selector don't seem to do much ( I am comparing to lightroom ) is this normal. Tia Darren
  4. dazzlers82

    Clone tool on ipad and brush ring

    Thank you for the reply, its something that really helps me with editing rigs from my car photos.
  5. Hi guys, been playing with the new app on ipad. Is there a way of turning the brush ring to stay on all the time ? Also is there a way of seeing what you have selected with the clone tool as im finding it hard to clone stuff an line it up without being able to see? Thanks Darren