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    Kerning not working

    I'm trying to adjust kerning and I'm not able to change any value. I can't type any value and default ones appear in gray with the exception of 0% (symbol % appears as 0/00)
  2. Problem solved! You're great :-) Thank you!
  3. I can't see the contents of each layer after the upgrade. The arrow on the left of each layer is not there and I can only see the name of the layer but not it's content (photo attached). It's a huge problem. I can't work. Is there anyway to go back to the old version? Thank you.
  4. Hello I bought some brushes and they have .tpl extension (tool presets). Professional brushes usually use that extension and its really important for sharing and creating new sets of brushes with specific presets. I will love if I can use them. ¡Thank you!