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  1. Hello Michail, Thank you for your Ideas. I did a few tests to verify if the filesize can be the cause or not. It seems that really the filesize is the main cause of the problem. I've tested many times with the same results with the following procedure: 1. Create a File with several layers. Export to TIFF. 2. Close the temporary File, reopen the TIFF. 3.a) If TIFF-size is below 2 GB I can open it again and again. No problems --> Add one more layer. b) If TIFF-size is above 2 GB I can't open it with Affinity, but with all other programs named in the thread-opening. After research of the TIFF-specs I found this description on Wikipedia which indicates that issues with 2 GB TIFF Files are known:
  2. Hello together After doing a file stack of two panoramic pictures (one foreground / one background), both TIF, I made an Export to TIFF. After that I closed the programm and reopened it for all the following work. I spend a lot of time on different layers and did also save the Layers in the TIFF-File. Then I closed the huge (2.5GB) File. Now the File can be viewed in Lightroom, IrfanView, Windows Picture Viewer, ... All these are working. But Affinity Photo can't reopen the File. Message "Failed to open TIFF File File type is not supportetd." How can it be, the File was created with Affinity? Is there a File size limit? Any other ideas? System: Windows 10 Home 64bit Affinity Photo Version I need your help. It's ok to do this File again if necessary, but I don't want to spend again that much time with the same result. Thx in advance Manuel
  3. Hi together, Maybe the workflow I'm using is not as you would propose it. Primary for picture development I'm using LR and Affinity Photo for PC. To do some of my work (like masking, layering and so on) mobile I'm using the iPad Pro 9.7 (128GB / iOS10.3.3 / Affinity For doing this with no interruption and a maximum of quality I'm working with TIFF, 16bit, incl. Layers. In full resolution the filesize varies from around 150mb up to a multiple of this. Sometimes it isn't even possible to import the files from cloud on my iPad without crashing. Sometimes I can Import and work on them. But when i try to export my nearly finished work back to cloud (with all layers on 16bit) the iPad crashes. So what can I do? I've just bought the iPad for this application and use but it seems it is not working as expected. Thx in advance four your help.
  4. I've got the same error. Happens with DNG-HDR's and DNG-Pano's created with Lightroom. Did you find a solution except loading as TIFF?
  5. Ok, thx for the fast help. When is the next release planned? I've got some work on my iPad which I would like to sync back with layers.
  6. I've tried out this a few times. Always the same result. :-( If I work on a TIFF file with multiple layers and try to export the finished Work WITH affinity layers, it doesn't work. The exported TIFF has always just one layer although i checked this option.
  7. Hi ivanthomson, It's a little easier than you wrote. You don't find the .Net 4.7 in the microsoft updates window for uninstall. You will find it in the main software install/uninstall window. Its shown as a normal software. The second thing is the version. After uninstalling the .Net 4.7 you can restart your pc and reinstall the .Net 4.7 from the regular updates. Microsoft did an update on this. So you can use 4.7 and it will work.
  8. I got the same Errors. The first one "0x80131534" while opening normal. The second one "0xE0434352" while opening during ctrl is hold. System Windows 7 Home (64bit). I've also did some Windows updates in the last few days. So there must be a connection with the problem. I need to do some photo work on my workstation. A solution is urgently needed.
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