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  1. Additionally , please make it so holding down shift will keep proportions. All your other tools work this why (though opposite), so it feels odd that the crop tool does not work in the same way. Or perhaps default to keeping proportions, and then holding down shift allows you to freely change the cropping (so it behaves like the transform tool or marquee tool)
  2. I'm noticing some nasty down-sampling when zooming out on images with thin lines. I've attached a screenshot of the zoomed out preview and a 50% close-up. I think there's room for improvement in this area.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply! Actually, your answer lead me to fix the issue by correctly assigning the shortcut to "Flood Fill Tool" instead of "Fill Tool". Here's a screenshot if it is of any help.
  4. It is almost never possible for me to change the size of the various panels (like Layers, Color etc). I've on rare occasion seen the cursor change when I hover between panels which allows me to resize the panels. However this does not seem to work 99% of the time. I don't mean to be rude, but have you actually tested these things thoroughly? I keep running into all kinds of small kinks when using Affinity Photo... Using version 1.6.7
  5. Perhaps I don't understand what the option "Synchronize tools between documents" does, but I suspect it means that if I change a brush size or in other ways change a tool's settings, then that change will also apply if I go to another open document. If so, it does not seem to work. It does not have any effect. Is this a bug? I'm using version 1.6.7
  6. Since the latest version (1.6.7) still does not have an option to disable this "feature", I figured this thread needed to be revived. Is there any update on this? Will we see it in 1.7? I cannot think of any other software that behaves this way and find it very disrupting to my workflow.
  7. Even though I have removed the shortcut "G" from the Gradient tool and assigned it to the Fill tool, I always get the Gradient tool when pressing "G". I then have to press "G" a second time to get the Fill tool. "G" is not assigned to anything else when I look through the shortcuts. I have tried removing Affinity Photo and the .plist file found in Preferences without success. There may be other shortcuts that would cause trouble, but I have not reassigned other tools.
  8. I would love this as well! Been looking for a software that could do this...
  9. There's severe banding issues when using a standard soft brush and painting in a 8-bit document. I understand 16-bit gives more better gradients, however, when converting the document from 16-bit to 8-bit the brush looks great. See the attached image. Banding.afphoto
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