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  1. Hey again Andy, I've had the pleasure of trying out the latest beta. Whatever defensive code you added seems to have worked for the most part! So thank you very much for that. The app still crashed once while trying to edit text, but I'm not sure if this is related to the problem in hand. One pretty major issue I have now noticed is that different fonts within a family cannot be found. I have attached a screenshot to try and show this, using 'Rollerscript' as the example. I purchased this font family - there are only two different styles of font for Rollerscript, but where are they? Where are all the fonts from the other families that contain multiple styles? Am I missing something? Thanks again - I really do appreciate the assistance. Best, Ryan
  2. Hey Andy, Email sent. Cheers!
  3. Sure! Just tell me where to get the beta and I'll install it. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I'm afraid scrolling isn't really possible. The crash for me happens in under a second of tapping the font menu (with Arial being your default font). If I simply tap the font menu, it'll crash. This screenshot is taken immediately before the crash. I know it isn't of much use but it shows the fonts that load before the crash. Incidentally, I also use AnyFont to install extra fonts, but I haven't installed the AnyFont bundled fonts. Cheers.
  5. There are over 100 extra fonts/font families installed.
  6. So where do we go from here? As I've mentioned, this is the only app that has a problem with accessing fonts. I'm pretty sure I don't have any raster fonts installed.
  7. Hey Andrew, Yes I do use extra fonts. I'm a designer, so that's not usual for me - and completely essential. As I mentioned, Pixelmator and Graphic by Autodesk (just as examples) and every other app that utilises extra fonts that I've installed myself, including Pages, Numbers and all 3rd party apps etc. etc. are fully capable of handling personally installed fonts. The crash itself is pretty dramatic. After typing a word for example, I tap the font selection menu and literally, it crashes within a second after trying to load the font menu previews. After returning to the document after the crash, absolutely all work is completely lost, even resulting in the new document not being present anymore. Thank you very much for any assistance you might be able to offer!
  8. Hey! Excitingly for me, this might be the first time I've come across an iOS app which is able to take advantage of open type features (extra ligatures, etc). I was left disappointed. Within the very first use, the app crashed immediately. The crash was triggered simply by accessing the font library to select a font. This crash is reproducible 100% of the time on my iPad Pro running iOS 10.3.2, build number 14F89. It has crashed several times when trying to execute other tasks too, and overall feels very much like a beta. Other apps,of this genre such as Pixelmator and Graphic by Autodesk manage and access font libraries well, without incident, so I am really hoping this can be fixed, as I probably won't use the app at all until it is fully functional. Thanks!