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  1. Very stable on my oldest iPad Pro 12.9”. Only issue for me is the Apple Pencil refuse to connect. When will we see the new iPadOS feature support in Affinity Product? Open and save directly from the external SSD is what I want.
  2. Where in my post suggest compare affinity photo to Lightroom? Can you please read it again... lol. I never want to argue this or that. I pay for whatever get the job done easily.
  3. Not harsh at all. I brought the Affinity Photo on iPad since it released in 2016 while on my trip in Prague. I used it few times. I decided that enough for me, with hundred of photos, I have to export it one by one from the iPad Pro. I never went back to use it since then. Back to Lightroom... Well there always has hope to bring only the ipad to my trip. Now the iPadOS allow direct access to external drive. What Affinity Photo going to do? Also photoshop for iPad coming soon....
  4. Any update for the iPadOS for handling opening/saving file in iPad? I don’t like that I have to import the file into Affinity Photo first. With the USB access, Can affinity photo open the file to edit directly from USB drive? And of course saving to USB drive too.
  5. Hi there, I already brought the Affinity Photo (Mac OS and iPad), tested Affinity Photo iPad with Fuji XE2 raw and it works from. Fuji X-T2 uncompressed RAW work fine too. But not the X-T2 Compressed RAW, when Affinity Photo on IPad will support Fuji X-T2 Compressed RAW. It's kind of useless for me now, most of X-T2 user shoot with Compressed RAW and it cannot process the Compressed RAW in Affinity Photo on IPad. What is the timeline to support the X-T2 Compresssed RAW file? Thanks Keith
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