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  1. I could not find how to do this in draw or export persona - is there an easy way to export all layers to images? In photoshop it's select layers you want to export, right-click and export them. Regards,
  2. Please see attached video color HSL no matching.mp4
  3. duebergang

    Hotkeys stop working

    Every now and then, all hotkeys just stop working until I reset the program (Affinity Designer on Win 10). Haven't noticed a pattern with this. Anyone else come across this problem?
  4. In the Dark Layout with two working tabs open, it is not immediately recognizable which tab you have open just from the colours. If you adjust the gamma, it lowers the brightness of the whole application (intended), but there is no way to increase the contrast between these two that I can see. I get confused by this all the time. You have to intentionally think about it which while it's only a second, it takes you out of the 'zone'. See reference image: In other panels you have the flow from current tab colour to panel colour: but in the main view there is a separator. One work around I figured is to adjust the main background to closer match the current tab. With 3 tabs it becomes more obvious because the one that stands out is the one you are on... ANY additional indicator to easily tell which tab is current tab would be helpful IMO. Cheers,
  5. I appreciate the linkage @PÅ¡enda. My search terms mustn't have been accurate enough to show that one... Still, I guess if it was suggested 3 years ago and hasn't been implemented yet, a friendly reminder that it's still wanted won't hurt?
  6. I don't want to dig through hotkey menus to find the hotkey for a function. Is there a hotkey search like how you can for the preferences in general? If not, that'd save time. Thanks. Love Designer, keep it up.
  7. Right well that makes sense @R C-R. That understood, I still think a hotkey search would be useful, @Dan C Less digging through menus (as a general philosophy) the better!
  8. How do you do this? Been fiddling with slices in export persona but if you create a slice from layer it creates a massive bounding box around the whole layer and there is no option to clip it to the artboard.
  9. 33% and 66% are not thirds exactly though, would be nice if there was a more precise way?
  10. Hi! As topic title, would be useful to see what dimensions I am exporting (not just in px). Maybe there is an option for this that I couldn't find? Thanks!