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  1. disghost

    tools disappear affinity designer 1.6

    and an other question... will there be a visible bleed size in the future?
  2. disghost

    tools disappear affinity designer 1.6

    Hi Chris thanks! I will try with different arrangements of the screens. I used to have the Cinema 30 left from the macbook screen. Now I try the opposite (Cinema 30 right/Macbook left) it worked once but the next try it I had the same problem again and the next try was working again an I had my tools again. I will try again a few times and let you know best D
  3. Hi affinity designer 1.6 I work at the studio with a macbook pro connected to a display. As soon as I leave the studio and want to work in a train or plain, without having my macbook pro connect to the display, the tools disappear. So I can not work anymore... I had this problem with affinity designer 1.5 and now as well with 1.6 Restart doesn't help. Is there any solution to this problem? thanx