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  1. I haven't heard anything and given up on HDR for 360 in Affinity. Main reasons - it is NOT 360 aware so leaves seams and - it is so slow compare to other HDR programs But yes - not pleased either but hey - the projection mode is quite nice to fix the nadir.
  2. Thanks - looking forward to using Affinity more with 360 panoramas !!!
  3. Here is a smaller version of that file. If you go to https://hdrihaven.com/ there are many HDR 360 files available for free. The more extreme the tonemapping is in terms of microcontrast (local contrast) the more obvious the seam will be - which should not happen - and does not happen if the tonemapping is aware that it is dealing with a 360 panorama. green_point_park_2k.hdr
  4. Here is an example screen shot of the seam of a tone-mapped panorama. On the left you can see the vertical seam in the sky after coming out of the tone-mapping of the HDR panorama On the right the original HDR 360 file shows no seam at all. Problem is that HDR tone mapping is doing local changes (microcontrast...) not just global ones. That needs to be handled by the HDR program - it needs to be aware that the right and left side of the image actually belong together. But that still doesn't seem to be the case in Affinity.
  5. The tonemap persona leaves a visible seam if you tonemap any 360 HDR or HDRI panoramic image. Previous errors raised (6 month ago) got some reassurances that 360 and HDR handling would be improved but so far I can't see that. Anybody any idea if there are any plans to improve 360 handling? Cheers.
  6. Thanks - they should definitely look at downsizing for the HDR process - a lot of other HDR programs let you work on a 1/2 1/4 1/8th preview and only when you apply it it will do the full image. As "The Assurer" you would say that - wouldn't you Not sure though "they" know that. Again trying to get the message over - if the 360 part of it works properly with layers/batch/seamless and all that it could become a very neat application/program for processing all those one-shot panoramas coming from the increasing number of 360 cameras. So please keep on improving that - please !!
  7. Hi there - 2 issues with the HDR persona - the time for it to get ready and there is no 360 tone-map tick-box so there is a seam I am doing 360 panoramas and I really like the live projection mode - BUT when it comes to HDR - hmmm.Once you are there and the persona is ready things are peachy but it takes more than 5 minutes to get there - 5 minutes and 28 seconds on an i7-5820K with 16GB of RAM and nothing much running. I try to open a 205MB .exr file 6kx12k and it takes more than 5 minutes to get ready.What am I doing wrong?? Is there anything I can do to speed it up?? I did all the performance settings - gave it 32GB but still - the time fot the HDR persona to get ready is - well - ridiculous. Affinity offers this nice 360 panorama live projection mode but there is NO 360 switch for HDR which means you end up with a seam - come on - really - don't give us some panorama tool - we want them ALL. I think with all the one-shot 360 cameras out there and new ones coming up there is a real opportunity for a program that would offer layer modifications (like the lighting layer with is only applied to the current view at the moment) , HDR and live projections for general 360s.So any way to speed up panorama HDR AND get 360s tone-mapped properly??? Are there any plans to make those things right???
  8. I am using Affinity photo trial to do some post-processing on stitched panoramas. To get rid of the occasional stich fault I am using the clone or healing brush quite a bit. To use them - because of the perspective you need to quite often rotate the brush which works well for positive numbers but if you need to rotate a brush slightly in the other direction you need to enter 358 or 359 - a negative number like -1 or -2 is not accepted. It would be very helpful if that could be introduced at some point - it would make work with the clone and healing brush easier. Cheers.
  9. It is not only filters - the tonemapping person creates seams in 360 panoramas as well :( and that is a real shame!!! Was really looking forward to using a tonmapped panorama as a layer to add a bit of local contrast and so on but with the seam in the tonemapped image that is a no-go. Any idea if the tonemap persona will support 360 panoramas in the future???
  10. OK, I have done a bit more playing and it seems that the Live Filter Layers are not actually applied to the equirectangular image - they just stay in their positions. I tried it with a dark panorama and added a lighting filter - basically a spotlight going over image seam. When using the live projection I can only select the background - NOT the lighting - and if I do so the "spot" stays in the same position in the live projection but the image can be rotated around. So it seems I have been trying to do something that is not possible???
  11. I am using the trial version of Affinity photo trying to post-process a 360 equirectangular panorama. Some areas are a bit to dark so I added a couple of live lighting filters - one of them "pointing" towards the seam of the image. The Live equirectangular projection in Affinity Photo (v shows no seam and the lighting seems to work BUT when I actually export the image the seam is visible. Either I am doing something wrong when exporting - like missing a 360 option somewhere - or there might be something wrong in the program??? Can't post the project since it is using a tiff as input and is about 600MB but the two attached images should show the problem. Cheers