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  1. In a bulleted list, if there's only one character left and I delete it, the bullet point sometimes also is deleted.
  2. I saved an own table of contents layout. When I tried to delete it, Publisher crashed.
  3. For me VERY IMPORTANT: Please add the ability to hide all frames and borders (in Photoshop: "Hide extras") - as a simple checkmark-option or - even better - as a keyboard shortcut (only if pressed). The lack of this feature really slows down my work speed in the fine adjustment phase.
  4. Guides should never have the same color as their background, so either please: - add options to change guides colors (individually?) or - automate the guides to change their color by themselves for best visibility depending on the background colors
  5. Aside from the "Restore Snapshot" Button, doubleclicking a Snapshot Name should also do the job.