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  1. dewey44

    Auto Save function.

    Glad to know, and much obliged!
  2. dewey44

    Auto Save function.

    Ah, was unaware of that option. Just curious, when they use the term interval, is it measured in time such as seconds, or based off another factor such as change to the project?
  3. Hi there, My apologies if this has been posted, but I was wondering if an auto save feature can be implemented in the app by some way or measure? Affinity on the iPad is insanely powerful, but I run into stability issues in which the app crashes from time the time. The problem is when it does crash, my project is lost. Much obliged!
  4. What happens is i'll increase the px size selection are refine an object in the background corner. Sometimes before I can finish refining, the refinement process triggers, then triggers again. It also sometimes creates a graphical issue such as leftover buttons.
  5. Hi there, There are times when I use the refine selection tool, Affinity will go through the process of refining the selection, it will finish, but then immediately jump back to trying to refine again, causing the app to be stuck in a refinement loop. Only way out is to manually kill the app.
  6. Hi there, Also wanted to report issues with the LUT effect. I try to load up .cube files, and either a weird graphical glitch will occur, or on rare occasions will cause the app to freeze or crash. Let me know if any other info is required.

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