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    Free Brush Set for Sketching

    Hey, Akira here. May I present you my first brush set (pack?) for Affinity Photo. I've spent time to make them feel great for Apple Pencil, both directly on iPad Pro and via Astropad for desktop. Each brush named accordingly to it's behaviour, and they are fun to use! Will update the set as time goes on, so we are not stopping here. Hope you enjoy them! superquick video on importing brushes: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=yRYT3O4XacE download link: https://gumroad.com/products/BDpLP/ A quick demo of all brushes used in one project:
  2. Akira

    Free Brush Set for Sketching

    Thank you for the feedback. Terribly sorry for the delay in update, but when the update is out (probably later this Autumn 2017) upon having more brushes I will also try to make sure they are also calibrated for Microsoft Surface devices. Happy sketching! ✌️
  3. Aiming for the 13" one, but as of yet not sure about money situation. Considering the costs, I am seriously considering getting latest Microsoft Surface Pro or might as well wait a bit and go to Surface Book later this year (if they update it with latest specs that is).
  4. 9.7" is too small for me, therefore I am looking forward to the upgrade. It does the job done, but the screen estate is not enough.
  5. Akira

    Free Brush Set for Sketching

    there is a link in the original post that shows exactly that. My pleasure!
  6. I was surprised to not be able to find Affinity Photo in the 'Apps' tab on iTunes. I was going to make a backup of my files, so now I have to basically open each of the files, make a duplicate of the file on iCloud, then download them from my iCloud on my desktop and then copy them on my backup HDD. Not exactly a fun way to spend an evening, is it? Access to files via 'apps' section would allow me just to select files and drag and drop them into my backup disk - literally 2 second solution, whereas current idea of doing that will take me... well, I don't even want to think about it. Also, opening each file individually, going through menu and exporting the file adds a lot of unnecessary friction to the whole process. If the main screen window hamburger menu allowed for sharing via Airdrop, this would make me happy already. For now all it allows is "delete" and "rename". Please, make this airdrop shareable through the main home screen!
  7. Hi, I am no deep-dive-developer, but I understand the root of your question, so here it goes: You are trying to approach this point from a gaming point of view, where pushing more pixels means slowdown. In the case of gaming, the bigger screen will result in 50% (lets just pretend that pixel count makes a linear increase in power needs) more strain to GPU. On the other hand, Affinity Photo computes the pixels that are on canvas, as well as effects on those pixels. Say, a 1280x800 (a 1 megapixel image that we use here for reference) will eat up exact same resources on both iPads (the image will also fit on both screens perfectly, thats why I chose this resolution). Applying CPU intensive live filters (perspective wrap + gaussian blur at the same time) will make the exact same load on both iPads, regardless of their resolution, since all they have to do is to live-calculate 1 megapixel in real time. Answering your question, I would suggest you go with the 13" one – you will squeeze more productivity out of the bigger screen. PS - I myself run on 9,7" iPP and plan on upgrading this summer to newer ones. 120Hz and overall increase in power will be mind-blowing.

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