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  1. Sorry for the late thank Yous everybody. I specialize in designing club party fliers, etc. The promoters love animation to their still pictures, so I've been using these software / plugins https://artymate.com/learnhow/ for Photoshop and https://www.photomirage.io/en/ a plugin & standalone for Paintshop Pro to accomplish that task. I'm trying to find one standard plugin / program I can use in Affinity to accomplish the same. Thanks again everyone.
  2. One more question, is there any style packs / resources out there?
  3. Thanks guys for sharing. I will have to use AD as my main program. I hope they create a tool to import ASL format in the next few updates, it can't be that hard. BTW Serif family ROCKS!!!
  4. I'm cutting the cord from Photoshop and have already purchased Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer, but I have two questions. 1. Is there an Artboard feature in Affinity Photo like they have in Photoshop? I use this quite a lot in Photoshop. 2. Can I import over Photoshop Styles into Affinity Photo & Designer? I don't want to lose these creative photoshop styles. Thanks
  5. I purchased the software and I realized I can't import styles, shapes, etc., so now Affinity Photo is just sitting on my computer in the Software Graveyard. Selfish not to support a premium software like Photoshop add ons, etc.
  6. Using Affinity Photo which I just bought a couple of days ago and man is this thing SLOWWW starting up, about 8-9 seconds. It didn't act this way when I was testing the TRIAL version. Somebody fix this, plz.